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Seattle's closest Snoqualmie casino. Your next report at twelve thirty four. Jay Phillips, KOMO news. It is still damp out there, especially in the north end of the sound. We had a really relentless Puget Sound convergence zone dropping some rain overnight, so making up for lost time, it was a dry start to may. But we're trying to fix that as quickly as we can it seems with all the rain, the last several days, we'll see fewer showers. They won't be as numerous today. More in the way of sun breaks, and that will kick us back into the low to mid sixties for afternoon. Highs as we head into the weekend for darkening skies by Saturday afternoon. A harbinger of the rain to come Saturday evening, the KOMO weather center, I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell. Dc entertainment news, the Rolling Stones going back on the road. Announcing new dates for their tour, which was rescheduled after frontman Mick Jagger had heart surgery last month. Now, the no filter tour will start June twenty-first in Chicago, which was one of the original dates anyway, and it'll wrap up August thirty first Miami gardens. Florida David Letterman sitting down with anyway, when you buy polar potential to ramp up, and it could take to a point where you start acting Radic TNC would put it west one of the guests just now for the new season of Letterman's Netflix talk show, which drops two weeks from Friday that petition to remake the final season of game of thrones. It now has over five hundred thousand signatures, the petition show runners, David benef- off DB Wieser woefully incompetent writers without the original book, material, fall back on Jodie, Foster's mother and one time manager has died Evelyn foster was ninety. She also managed her son, buddy and former JAMES BOND star Pierce Brosnan as a birthday Thursday. He's sixty six I'm Jason Nathanson. Komo news. It's hot.

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