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And sons funeral homes and crematory is nationally recognized as the premier family owned and operated funeral home in Georgia serving families worldwide since nineteen eighty founder and owner, Gregory beloved senior is the recipient of the prestigious two thousand fifteen American funeral director of the year award by the American funeral director magazine. Visit one of our four locations or our website, let it funeral home dot com. To learn why we're the largest independently owned and operated funeral home in Georgia. Come to Shane company to create your dream engagement ranked. I'm Roydon Shane fourth generation jeweler militia are lead designer most people don't realize this. But other jewelers in Atlanta stock the exact same rings as each other. There's nothing unique about them at Shane company. My design team creates exclusive engagement rings that are easy to love in every price range rings that you'll never find anywhere else. We have over a thousand styles including dazzling halo rings, symbolic 0 rings detailed vintage rings, really anything you could possibly want. You'll have fun choosing your favorite ring style. And then you get to customize it with the center stone that really speaks to you and fit your budget. Choose from the largest selection of loose, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in every size, shape and color. Visit Atlanta's most trusted jeweler in store or online. Now, you have a friend in the diamond business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. The city of south Fulton is proud to host its first career fair on Friday, January twenty fifth the events is free and will be held at the community cultural center from four pm to seven pm, whether you're a seasoned executive level professional just beginning your career or anywhere in between this job fair will serve as a great opportunity to connect talented candidates with employers. You'll have the ability to meet directly with hiring managers throughout the full industrial boulevard corridor apply for jobs on site and possibly be hired on the spot attendee should Preregister mind at SF career expo dotty. Bright dot com. Mark your calendar for Friday, January twenty fifth sponsored by Georgia Power Millersville and county school system. I'm.

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