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Say. I just wanted those images piece in love ending the Oscars for everybody in the theater and everybody at home. Just be a nice nice way to end it. I agree. What about what about yourself treaty? What should've won. Yeah. Eighth grade. I would've liked to spider verse to win best picture. It was the best one of the best pictures. If not eighth grade. Let's hear from you guys. Let us know after the starters. What movie should've won best picture whether it was nominated or not you got a favorite. No, I'm not like mad. I haven't seen all of these asker. He's got a list. He's not a fan of Roma. It was fine. It was. Asked you to never tell. I agree with you. It was very boring. Little like plot points that were not not great fine. But. Eighth grade. I don't even know the grade. What's your about it? We got we don't we don't tell me. I thought bohemian rhapsody. I actually thought it was fine. I enjoyed myself. Yeah. Right. But wasn't good. Been a lot of hype. It was good. And actually, here's A T's. I may I may have a star is born related complaint coming. Oh my goodness. Hate before we go JD. Five. Weddings in the strip. Tune in on Friday. Very quickly. My uncle owned a chain of strip I. So what chain? Well, they were all different. They were Whitby and offshore. Oh, wow. Name one of them was called BJ's. And my fans married with the priest on the stage right next to the poll like it was in. Yeah. Oh shit marry the priest. She didn't marry the if you if you'd been at a Jewish wedding with the poll there, you would have been one of the way to a hookah. Shit question. Coming guys for Friday's drop. Email us the starters at NBA dot com. This up on Twitter hash day, the starters. If you subscribe to the show on podcast, come on leave us that five star raiding leave us

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