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Yes the other day junior make them they got into an argument not call him up they can probably again guaranteeing is sniffing crops nail living son of a blown he said it was because you were but you're still we've all seen a big pile there in somebody's front yard it looks like it's there for a year you know nobody wants that Chuck make houses the C. E. O. of CME pipelining and sewer repair a business that uses decades old technology to fix pipes with minimal digging maybe just a two foot by two foot section which is nothing compared to and typically it's only a foot and a half deep in the same basement CME has been around for twenty years and they've grown into their neighborhoods we want to be a part of our community no we don't want to just be a company that just sits there and takes a you know everything you can get we want to give back part of that giving back includes supporting causes that are important to his employees our favorite ones is circle tale because the dogs their their service dogs to get trained and they come into the office and so you have the service dogs in the office you know almost every day which is great it just it's amazing because it calms everybody down there's also shrimp boils for firefighters and city workers make house as being a part of the Sharonville in Cincinnati chambers also helped him know what the community needs traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. jelly Cincinnati preparing for possible retaliation with the five thirty report Frank told breaking now US is beefing up forces in the Middle East military sending in more soldiers and fire power to the region they are preparing for possible attacks by a run the threatening attacks against US interests and allies of the killing of an Iranian general thirty five hundred troops from the eighty second airborne six fifty two bomber region bracing for retaliation after the U. S. drone strike that killed Iran's top military commander general because some stolen money president trump continues to defend the killing of solo money telling Rush Limbaugh and we had a shot at it and we talk about and we're a lot safer now because of it that we'll see what happens Jim the joint chiefs of staff also defending the decision to kill the a running in general calling the evidence compelling that's a B. C. Serena Marshall oil prices have been rising because of fears of a possible war between Iran and the U. S. but so far it has been reflected at the gas pumps the average price in the tri state this morning still holding steady around two fifty a gallon Jim Garrity with triple a and houses a could all change quickly are should there be a retaliatory action or should there be any other geopolitical issues that arise that will very very possibly have an impact on the cost of oil this is one of the reasons prices were steady as the U. S. is less dependent on foreign oil than it's ever been now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC help traffic center the you see health weight loss center offer solutions for life changing weight loss call five one three nine three nine two two six three to learn more that's five one three nine three nine two two six three.

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