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Six billion new jubal they you were eating therapy baby. Week took over one and a welcome to couples therapy. My name is andy and naomi. we're real life couple a real life couple of comedians on couples therapy in quarantine. We talked to a couple of people end today. We're doing a couple of different things in court date it is real coupled through a couple of different things in corbin except the live. Show the stepping outside of our house. Honest i'll tell you that's the one thing we're not doing that laugh. It was there was a it was like. i don't even wanna talk about this pandemic. i think there was a that's interesting. I definitely didn't think that was by laugh. I was tired of the joke and was like it wasn't like i was just like when it's funny because it's like thai a brittle housewife laugh at a at a dinner party made it like an off color joke and my brittle housewife laugh is no no no no but like the nineteen fifties brutal housewife like. Everything's going well. Our societies great. I really want to be a lawyer that feel better than what was the problem. I don't know what to do now. Able now what mabel. Mrs mabel has new friends and she misses them so we're going to see tomorrow's her third her third coffee klatch with peanut coffee klatches. Now it's called when like Klatch i now i don't know. Have you ever heard the phrase coffee panicked because my great. I used a word and i don't actually know. I thought it was just like people getting together to drink coffee and talk okay. Now he's going to look it up to see if it's really a thing well coffee klatch variants okay. So an informal social gathering at which coffee is served origin german. So i just wanted to. I just wanted to make sure that is clear. You're not using it. American phraseology because what we looked up your coffee klatch and its spelled k. a. f. f. e. k. l. eighty s c. h. Yes that's not in our par- lads no it says here. Dictionary dot com coffee klatch variant of the german coffee klatch a casual fund. God yeah well again. I think i've said this before. But i made the mistake of taking german in high school. We as opposed to a language that might help me. You know converse with other people in america would converse with anybody. No i think you know as a kid by parents. Roy take in case the germans takeover again right. You know what they're planning kit with you can get ahead. Yeah baby have those. Were doing drills. And a secret attic parents had built in our house to be silent. It didn't the first ago. It was like andy. Could you stop which able tomorrow. You'll you'll see eddie and peanut again are you. I'm dying over the trio idiot but they are really living in their retirement community in florida. Mabel eating peanut are deriving they are literally like what total age forty between the three of them. I think we talked about this last week. Yeah sorry everyone. Achuar brain rains have turned to mush in this month. Nine i'm out. I'm out of my mind. I'll tell you what i lasted. Eight months my brain was doing well for eight months and his mommy. I finally started to dedicate. I think i've been gone and only now just decided to lean into it. I was fighting it before now. I've just decided to not just be like. Why don't you re watch all of criminal minds. There are fifteen seasons at roughly twenty four episodes of season. Why not take me away. Agent hochner you know. Just watch their takeaway. Is that the kick guy the guy the guy. He was fired for giga somebody but he also created general. But it's also so wild to me that he's also greg from dharma and greg has been on television for over twenty years jen alphabet. Come on the show and spill the t about him tell us is kick anyone on the side of his arm and grabbed miss gibson. Kick anybody on the set of dr greg. Did you have to release his states to have to say this report in the news. Correct we in the news. This is hollywood secret. Oh my god damn a hot gossip rag podcast Sources say source close at my sources. Say what today's a great episode. Oh my god this episode. I just been waiting for it to come out in the world. It made me so happy. It is such an episode. you've already heard the dulcet. Tones of our wonderful amazing amazing guests. We are sitting here with the truest power couple. I've ever known glennon. Doyle and abby wambach. What's y'all trooper lennon. If you don't know is an activist and author of the books love warrior on warrior and her latest book untamed sold over a million copies. She's also the founder of together rising. An all women led nonprofit that raises money for women families and children in crisis. So she's doing good chance. She is good. Abby wambach is a two time olympic gold medalist fifa world cup champion and six time winner of the us soccer athlete of the year award. She's also the author of the book wolf. Pack and co founder of wolfpack endeavor a leadership training program for women. I mean glennon and eb changing the world. I said i was like aren't they. Don't you talknet newsreel. Like yes. I am enough game. I'm gonna write that book. Yes it's like so unreal. They're very they will literally they will lift your spirits and i hope you feel the energy that crackles between the four of us. I think it was genuinely enjoy talking to them. They're like you know we always have. I think we are very good at choosing guests for the show. I'll say that's quite people we want. Wanna talk to you. Who are decent human beings who are a delight decent human beings such a sounds so that so Such a low bar. No i'm not the world we live to be there beyond d said also. It was funny because this is one of them. Because i like them so much. I am met them already. But you hadn't. And this is one of those interviews. Andy embarrasses me andy. You got to win them over because we need them. And it was one of those where i was like and i just felt like you did really good sweetie. You're looking at me through. Your mom's is in this one. no. I think that's too harsh i would i would say was i was just. I was just very no no. I already told you in advance. But i was nervous. I was just. I just find myself normally. I'm not like i'm not as locked into one. Will the person think and this was one of them to like me. Yes there was one where i thought you were to talk about like a night. Crawler or gambit that night crawler kibet his faith. Hey where's that. Hey marvel marvel marvel stop talking. Get in touch with me. I want to write the gambit night. Crawler there's nothing. I love more than when someone tells a major corporation to get in touch with them. I mean i love it. it's like i found marvel. Why are you calling me or marvel tv. I'll write that. Tv show the adventures of gambling. Night crawler okay. Before we get into the vendors of gambling night crawler we want to get to the events of glennon and abbey. But before we do that we got a little bit of information. Okay you know we teasing this for two weeks now and it is here. Baby we have a link you can buy couples therapy quarantine crew shirts and.

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