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I know the Mets on going anywhere, but just I know, they're not going, to do it but played, Dominic Smith? Leaving, Neil alone Keyboard wall busy All the other pitchers are starting. To bring, up you know Play him see what they. Can do Maybe they're the future maybe I don't care what you know. How bad a guy plays you keep playing them because you you may have had enough at, the end, of, the season you? Say okay you know what he. Played for the entire month one hundred and. Five can't drive the ball. He's always fouling pitches off you can't seem to. Get, a bad hit around. Okay Asked and? Answered he's not ready well he's. Never will be let's see maybe there's another. Team who liked him when. He was going to be drafted and they'll take. Him You're not gonna get, anything for why not But give them a chance I don't. Want to say it's you you gotta, have to add something the let's, face it if the Yankees Let's say don't go as far as he did last year in the postseason. You think Cashman's gonna say well we'll be better. Next year because guys will be healthy. For the whole year you guys will, be held for. The whole year You signed a guy in his mid twenties He. Could get something could go wrong with them For the Yankee fan just pays it preaching patients A few you just like. Acted acids abandoning, ship I was too many guys we. Can't win, so, you got no respect for anybody. I mean look there's some guys on the team you just don't feel comfortable with, them pitching you if you'll come with them hitting but you still got a bunch of, guys who could still play Long as you know Stanley lake doesn't get any worse fine he's good, you don't want him on a ten day deal with Hanff ING Guys you're gonna make do without him, and I think that's why casper. Hasn't. Done deal. For a bad year he figured these guys are gonna come back I make a deal for granted and. Put them in right field he does okay Judge comes back ready to roll he goes back to, right field in Cranston goes to the. Bench and probably released in the off season and you gave up. Something for. Him That's, what I don't think they'll do anything Waiting for these guys to come back And how hopefully be as healthy as they possibly can Eight seven seven. Three three seven sixty six sixty six we'll come. Back we know little while. Were going to. Five forty you give me a take that is funny I did hear a few Yankee fans a little quivering voice that they're real nervous If this was September twentieth Yeah I think I might be a little. Worried You don't have enough time to make up ground you have. Enough. Time for guys to be to get healthy But still August still a ways to go Still ways for guys to get healthy And get the rust off I can say if this was September twentieth and, they were all coming back. You'll be keeping fingers crossed like man is not enough time Use these last couple of weeks just to try and get your timing back and hopefully you got, it for the post postseason. That's what you can only hope I. Wanna see how they play today Again maybe stand you know he had some bomb and and and Hell was, hit a home runs but then again Maybe the dynamic of, the team changes because it's like get on base maybe run a little bit a little different, things a little. Little little bit of small ball not a, lot if you win a game by sacrifice fly, I guarantee you If you had bird up in your shift on. Burwood Butterball even though he hit a grand. Slam the other day he bought the ball you take what.

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