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Tony first of all i've written the big check in his mind is fifteen dollars because this shows get them away right now because that's all feel outcome by shortly to pick up my lee look all these things in local okay animal expected new yorkers of new england wicket care less about what they think of whether these cheesy i'm going to use the leaves to sort of frame all the member bill yeah i kept from the world series and the victories over the giants the dodgers along the way so that's what i'm gonna do as i'm sure that's what people here will get will ensure care if a new yorker thinks this is a suit cream at of moneygrubbing is this when you considered be midwestern hospitality first of all there's no way go authenticate these leave they probably came up with your real own tell me about a hologram the to other parts of our family distances same city ridiculous second city then after the blackhawks one of two thousand thirteen sold vitals of melting ice for ninety nine dollars each violence want to go hang up when i see happen in new york with the money grew to the habits of new york because we do that early in the league in dc williams along let's take a break coming up with the spurs actually be the next team of bronze blaze for twenty drubbing acts in the nation's capital just south of the panthers and about the fact that their franchise quarterbacks can actually provable right ninety nine dollars a vile let's vile rabies nine and lots of action is presented by giving strides american hot air here's to amara refreshing zammar please drink responsibly part of happy hour.

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