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On i kept here but who'd though like i was trying to think a not only that one i could think of light your okc start sour and they just tried to get paul george said the panel he was willing to go to cleveland but i don't know who i heard the anti david i might now now known someone threw buggy at me today to and that's also not going to happen but uh but i could see them now just like throwing the brooklyn peg and money at carmelo mm that wouldn't be terrible i think it'd be i mean i think it would be too i think i keep the pick regardless they're gonna make a bad decision they of that team gets i mean right now like the war like did you see andrei withous tweet now what are you for some one tweeted out like well at least the cavs got a big body to defend durant and i believe there to referring the jae crowder and andre iguodala colleges for played richard i dragged algis responded who with question my is are we looking at the same trait with those who've here but delivered jalen it's a marcus smart's in this trade laugh boston really overpaid unreal the the gnat but natural thing most people also went to was this is what the celtics traded for that enjoy this for jimmy butler that in trade this for ball george which israel flat out infuriating um tell of war well the policy i firmly believe as taxing with some of last night about this i firmly believe paul george would be on the renee that's staggering with several hall of famers about this last night yeah how did you keep my number um i was a sagging to our friends last night and i was like i firmly believe paul george would be on the celtics right right now if indiana had just waited a week i truly believe that i believe age would have traded the brooklyn bed clearly he would have trade the brooklyn pick leg i'd like he just didn't yeah so at rebel agreeing to me like ochre clearly that work on the table.

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