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Komo news. One thousand FM ninety seven seven. Good morning eleven thirty one. From the KOMO twenty four hour news center. I'm Jeff Pohjola. Here's what we're following. Well, let's mystery that's costing Thurston county money to clean up hundreds of unused hypodermic needles dumped in a rural neighborhood over the last month. Komo's Jennifer Sullivan spoke with one mother who made it her mission to get it clean here. These were picked up at the top of sixth avenue for Molly Miller, mother of two boys and a fierce defender apprentice quality river neighborhood, it's become an obsession. So now I drive through the neighborhood. And I actually do look for the orange cap in the big white cops last month. Miller found fifty needles on the ground near her house. I was pretty upset and I picked him up, and I put a little post on our neighborhood watch group a few days later, another pile showed up then another end another yesterday I woke up, and I was leaving my house and seven o'clock this morning, and there were six piles, and I have picked up over three hundred unused needles since the twenty fourth of January Miller who studying for a medical career. Says what's left everyone? Confused is the needles appear to be unused. There's no residue on the needles. There's nothing probably didn't either. No. Or Thurston county sheriff's Lieutenant Tim Rudloff is also stumped angle of the unused needles. That is a little bit surprising to me because I don't know why that would be he says deputies are also helping pick up the needles as well we had picked up the first batch because it was a smaller batch like ten or below. And then they started coming in numbers of like fifty or more. When they're sharps containers were full deputies called a private contractor out to help. We ended up. We're weeks to get the billing, and it might be upwards of two hundred bucks. After hearing at least one child in the neighborhood is picked up one of these needles. Miller has a plea for the people doing this. Stop stop. There's not like proving a point that you can piss everybody off in the neighborhood and Thurston county. You can make all the cops mad. But really what does the ultimate goal? The sheriff's office says they've stepped up patrols in the neighborhood. They also asked county road crews to be on the lookout for needles. Jennifer sullivan. Komo news. Well, it's all cleaned up now but Thursday. Day night was a big mess on bells beach wrote on would be island this after a landslide swept down mud. Rocks and trees just feet from beachfront homes crew spent Friday cleaning it up a pile of debris that Robbo tasha who lives right next to door the next to where it came down says he thought he'd never see. We always thought that these trees.

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