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To stop or reduce their alcohol intake patients, 18 or older may be eligible for a novel study using psychedelic assisted therapy for alcohol use cessation. Learn more at Pacific Trip Dad or G'kar, it is 6 19. And you are listening to morning edition on KCRW Maculan with you for the program today. Good to have your company as we make our way through this Tuesday together. Up ahead on morning edition. Stay with us. We're gonna be taking a look at the bite administration and opioid addiction. Just what are they doing to address the issue? Well, the bite Administration unveiled new federal guidelines that will make it easier for Americans experiencing opioid addiction to get more effective medical treatment. We take a look at how the administration is tackling the epidemic with opioids coming up. In about 15 minutes here on KCRW. You're listening to KCRW. And this is moments of serenity with me. Garth Trinidad. There are lots of ways to quiet your mind exercise meditation, creative flow, but sometimes all it takes is a moment of nothing at all. Well, then stay tuned to KCRW. I'm gonna look at your drive right now on the 14 South is in the Agua Dulce area after Soledad Canyon never wreck on the right shoulder there. Traffic. It's stop and go from Agua Dulce, a Canyon road. And turning our attention now to Long Beach South bound 405 specific place an accident There has the two Middle Lane's out of commission. Looks like you're stopping it about Santa Fe Avenue. And on the westbound 60th. Phillips Ranch Valley Boulevard in injury crash there has been moved to the right shoulder. They seem to be traffic is brought to you by USC Online and support for NPR comes from focus features with limbo and unexpected comedy about following a dream on Omar's way to freedom..

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