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So what do we got friend? I mean, we got Thursday night. Ole miss Mississippi State in the bowl. We got the civil war Friday night. Oregon Oregon state the apple Cup, Washington Washington. Stay iron bowl, Alabama, Auburn Michigan. Ohio State, Clemson, South Carolina, Notre Dame, USC Florida. Florida state Stanford UCLA unbelievable. Three days of college football. What are the specific individual matchups? You look in it. He L let's just start with a couple of quarterbacks. I think you look at the iron bowl certainly jarred stood him. This is John enormous test for him against his Alabama defense. We know how that group is just chock full of talent. So if stood them does declare I guarantee you one of the first games that evaluators will be watching. We'll be this game. And just seeing how he reacts to that pro style defense with just so much blue chip talent at all three levels. You look down at the bowl with ole miss Mississippi State on Thursday night. Jordan, Tom who was a senior quarterback. We haven't spent a lot of time talking about really wasn't a full time starter and told this did start a handful. Games over the course of his career when shape Patterson was out of the lineup. But Jordan, Tom was been very very productive this year. Obviously a talented receiving corps their four ole miss so take on Mississippi State, and that defense, you know, we talked about all those guys at all three levels, sweat and Simmons and Peters Jonathan Abram. And all those guys, you know, Leo Lewis, and it's a good defense. Orissa state. So big test Africa Orden, Tom. What about what else do we have in terms of quarterbacks versus tub defenses? Yeah. I think you you look around the of Michigan quarterback shape passionate. He's got a big test here against us Ohio State defense that seems down but certainly could still get after defensive line chase young Draymond Jones. And all those guys up front will be a big test. Then you look at running backs against linebackers Damian Harris who I think was out with a concussion on Monday. Monday's practice. We'll see if he's able to go Saturday against the Auburn, you know, that that second level that Auburn defense that defensive line is very good. But they've got to seniors at the second level of Daryl Williams and desha Davis. Davis a little bit of a throwback. Dr Williams more built for today's game. And that he can kind of play space a little bit better. But both those guys are good against the run. So keep an eye out for those guys against Damien Harrison the Alabama run game out in space with these receivers and tight ends. He looked a little Egbo AJ Brown DeMarcus. You know, that's one of the best receiving course. In college football going up against that secondary. Mississippi State, you know, Jamal Peterson a big corner. He's a senior he's draft eligible guy who some people feel that could be a press guy. Some people feel could be a safety and the Jonathan Abram is one of my favorite safeties in the country. I mean, the guy has got a really explosive mover. He's physical. He's a dog out there in terms of playing against the run and also playing in space. He's a guy. I would absolutely keep your eye on in this Thursday night game. And then Louisville taken on Kentucky and other one. Look Louisville's obviously doubt between trio's out. But they do have some talent there. Jalen smith. Probably the best senior on the roster in terms of NFL potential big bodied receiver playing out in space against this Kentucky secondary. Where you've got Derek Beatty. You've got Lonnie Johnson. Mike Edwards in the slots or wherever Jalen Smith lines up. He's going to face a next level defensive back. So big test there for Jalen Smith and then down in the trenches. I know how much you love these guys up front Thursday night. You've got ole miss left tackle, Greg little some people feel is a I. Round pick in this draft. Technumn Montessori wet another guy. Some people feel is a first round pick. So you got a great matchup their sweat does lineup on both defensive defensive end spots. So sometimes we'll get matched up against little..

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