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To the market, but I'll start with you because you've been here before. And how you been I'm good. How are you? Why can't complain congratulations? Thank you. It's I mean, it's big accomplishment was definitely feeling good last year. But you know, kinda go back to the tyrants amazing. That's the first time for LaSalle high school, right? That's a two time state champion yet. First one. Yeah. I saw little interview with the the inquirer after the match and that was no-shirt on all sweaty. But you're a pretty thrilled. Yeah. You know? It's exciting. It's hard to do that, you know to be able to be a two timer to me. It's an amazing feeling. Are you getting kind of a nervous about the fact that you're about to be a graduate you're graduating high school, and you're moving on to bigger and different things? Is it gonna be like starting over again because you're going to go to college, and you're still going to be wrestling? Right. Yeah. I'm still going to wrestle. I mean, and to a point I feel like it's going to be kind of different because I'm definitely going to have to kinda get used to like the big ten in wrestling people that are twenty four and twenty five and I will only be twenty. I mean, it's definitely just like coming into the freshman coming in as a freshman, and you're just starting all over again. It's basically starting from scratch and having to learn now, you're going to have to bump up in your weight class last year. Would you want state, you're? What one thirteen at one thirteen this year one twenty and then college the weights are one twenty five one thirty three one forty one. And so on Salvi obvio- gonna have to put on a couple of pounds in the next couple months couple months, which shouldn't be difficult. Now, I'm trying to put on like ten pounds of muscle for. Okay. And it's kind of the goal of right now. Just muscle. Yeah. Does that work? See I drink Miller lite, and I put on weight, but it all goes to one place. You know, that ain't that ain't muscle now. I mean, I'm starting to get with a lifting coach now and somebody that's going to help me with kind of strength training and a diet. You know, we're gonna see where it goes from there. Okay. Now introduced me to your friend senior with me trae Sizemore, he's our eighty two Pounder he gonna Brown. He's been wrestling for thirteen years thirteen fourteen. Eighty to one eighty two. Yeah. One sorry. One eighty two. People are saying eighty two pounds. When does this got to be like a toothpick? Now, he's in the one hundred ninety two he's a big guy. He's not small. Well, welcome in trae. Thank you. Talk straight into the microphone because otherwise they're called directional microphones. And you got like straight into them. You know what? I mean. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. How's it feel to be sitting in a radio studio at midnight? It's pretty cool. I've I mean, I've never felt anything like this before. Now, tell me go back in time a little ways, I know Luke's history and many in the audience know Luke's history because he's been wrestling damn near all of his life. How long have you been wrestling? So I've been wrestling for thirteen years being Luke wrestled in middle school for a long time. And in grade school we kinda grown up together for a while. And I've been through allies same stuff, we've traveled are my entire life and around the country wrestling for all these big national tournaments or anything like that. I know that. So you were actually is this the guy you would travel with a lot like with his family and whatnot is because you guys would go. I know that you would be there in Minnesota this weekend. And then they're in there in Iowa and in South Carolina, and they're all over the place. So we me and Trey kind of traveled with our one ninety five Pounder, Michael he he actually got runner out. But we traveled with him. And kinda we just kind of tug along with each other, and you know, grown up with. I mean, it's been it's been awesome. Trey you or not actually the guy that was kinda listed or in -ticipant it to be the winner. I was not how'd that work out actually wrestled the projected champ in the semis. And there was a tough match. But I ended up beating him five to one. That was actually a really exciting match. Really? Yeah. Yeah. It was probably more exciting. It was more exciting than my finals match. Actually, I warned me and my files a little bit more handily by we're kind of rolling around a log into some funky positions and the semis. And those are pretty fun. Mash watch I watched it back on YouTube afterwards. I haven't had a chance to see again. I haven't even had the chance to see your matches yet. Your dad always puts all this stuff up later in the coming days. It'll be you got to go to the flow, wrestling, stuff, or whatever. But I I don't have a sign in pay for it. Yeah. Exactly. I mean. Blows pay to watch this guy. You know? I mean, it helps out with college wrestling when people can't travel as much but for high school. I mean, I think you should have to pay for it. That's my opinion. Oh, no. So. Pretty much. You knocked out the guy that you were really needed to knock out in the semifinal round trae. Yep. It was and then there was actually another upset and the other semis. I was expecting to have the guy that was ranked third coming into the state tournament and the finals and the the fifth ranked guy upset him in the semis. And so ended up being made the six right guy and rank guy in the finals, which is really unexpected. So you felt like was that kind of a sigh of relief when you say I got past this, dude. And I know what you're over the years, and we got to go to Columbus on several occasions to watch your brother max wrestle over the years. And I can't remember do we make it up there? The first year you in Columbus or even made it up there guys made up my freshman the first year. So just the one time we got to see Luke actually wrestled state. Yeah. Not pretty cool thing. Trae was telling me, I was asking the numbers as far as you come into state. It starts like on Wednesday Thursday of last week. Thursday starts on a Thursday. How many wrestlers actually come in to start this whole thing off so for all three divisions? It's a total of six hundred seventy two wrestlers on day one for the first round six hundred seventy two wrestlers. Yep. And only for some of those that wrestle on the first day their weekend, maybe over if they lose in the first round, right? Yes. So they have the first round on Thursday. And if you win that then you're done for the night. There's only the one round if you lose your job down in the first round of the constellation bracket. And if you lose that then you went to and you're done so you could be eliminated first day or you can move on. You make your way today. Number two, you g- wrestle two three times on the second day. So if you win the first match said the way state works is it's four matches to the finals you and your first one you win another one. And then you win another one and you're done until Saturday. It's it's a one one tournament kind of style way. You just go one match at a time. So like our our root for the state tournament word roots? A better word. A route was we won Thursday first round. We're done for the night. Then we wrestled Friday morning second round. Then we had a wait until.

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