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You can see the police show up. And they're talking to the talking to some of the people in the in the establishment. Yes. Mike. Capsule called apparently for trespassing. And and then they took these two away. The guys were later released in Starbucks has apologized for the entire incident. The boycott Starbucks hashtag has been trending on Twitter. Apparently there there are a lot of people who are literally going in and yelling at people on at Starbucks like they're just going into Starbucks and yelling at the at the baristas and Starbucks, which is completely useless. The men were accused of trespassing may said they were simply waiting for a friend before ordering the video. Shop customers is very hard to watch the actions in it or not Representative of our Starbucks mission and values said the CEO of Starbucks in the basis for the call to the Philadelphia. Police department was wrong. It turns out that the manager of the Starbucks has spoken out. Her name is Holly. And she has spoken relatively anonymously. What she says happened is that these two black guys come in. And they sit down and then they not only refused to leave. But when asked politely lead, not buying anything they begin to get a little bit aggressive with her. They begin to. And she calls the police like they just won't leave. She says they come in. They say we use the restroom. She says. No. And then they just sit down, and they say, they're now, do I believe her do I believe the two black guys who were talking about this. Well, all I can say is that the supporting evidence tends to tends toward the story of the of manager. I and the reason I say that is because the police chief was black guy said that when the police came and they ask these two glides to leave the guy said now, the two guys refuse, and they said go ahead and arrest us, you know, they were apparently relatively aggressive with the officers as well, not only that. But it turns out that this woman Holly who was the who's the store manager. I got a letter from one of the listeners to the Ben Shapiro show who routinely goes to this particular, Starbucks and knows the manager. And here is what she wrote me what you wrote me as I don't know what. Happened last week with guys I wasn't there. But I highly doubt that she saw the two men and decided to call the police based solely on the fact that they are black. Well, according to this this person was the show quote from my observations and interactions with her. I was actually under the impression that Holly is an S J W feminist of the highest order once I even heard her scored a male barista for not using the proper neutral pronouns of somebody. That's why this whole situation is so shocking to me, even though I did not agree with her and all the yesterday WPN's that a dorm her beanie, I think calling her a racist. All over the news in dachshund. Her name address phone family etcetera is disgusting. Patrons said Holly's not racist and doesn't deserve. What is happening to her here in Philly the patrons of the Starbucks are both black and white and I've personally seen Holly give the, oh, so coveted restroom, code black and white people patrons and non-patrons seen trained both black and white staff members she has been nothing, but nice to everyone. I've never witnessed any racist. Behaviour? I may not agree with the way, she carries herself with the colorful hair, and the hippie pins, but I can recognize when someone is doing their job. Well, again, it'd be very weird if Holly we're a giant racist working in Philadelphia at a Starbucks. The city is forty two percent black. It would just be a very weird hiring decision. And she lasted a year at the job without anybody else having any complaints. So I find this whole story somewhat suspicious. Also, one of the problems that I have some of the tapes that are being released thousands. The only tape that was released. There was another tape. Those also released this one from today which black man was at a Starbucks in Los Angeles. And he claims that the on Hawthorne. Okay. So let it be known that the area around Hawthorne is heavily minority. Okay. This this Starbucks is in a very heavily minority areas. I really doubt that the manager at this particular Starbucks never seen a black person in her establishment before while you're going to see in this tape is that the the guy who's taping tapes, a white guy coming out of the restroom, and then he asks the white guy coming out of the restroom if the guy was asked by anything by the manager. And then he goes attorney says, well, I wasn't allowed to use the restroom if I hadn't bought anything. And the lady says I've been ask you to leave and the guy refuses to leave this guy posted the tape. And then he suggests that the Starbucks manager who by the way is Asian is racist. So here's what that sounds like. So. Starbucks right.

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