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Go as far as registration gives give me in my audience an idea there's there's so many different directions that this money can can go especially now give us an idea of of what folks who who participate who joined who enjoy a great day of golf give give folks an idea of of of what's going to happen with their money what we what we prided ourselves on when it comes to building up this program going into my second year not really wanted to build up our infrastructure resources and build relationships to where we can really if the student athletes at Withrow holistically so this money will not just go to a quick minute but not just just go for the non uniforms and things like that but we are very detailed nutrition program what we really want these kids to be able to succeed holistically so a lot of nutrition a lot of off the field goal opportunities with about six kids are kids going to school up in Toronto this will help the kids in the camps where they can be exposed to college recruiters there's a lot of different areas that we like to hit on a utilize our resources to give these kids the opportunities that in most situations they might not be able to afford or you may not have the opportunity with transportation and things of that nature so I'm really excited and I want to get me talking about my program hi I've got about a minute here let's let's do that you and and I'm sure every every high school football coach at every high school coach regardless of sport dealing with things that you never thought would be well within your your realm of responsibility just kind of give us an idea as as you're you're getting your guys through conditioning is looking ahead to fall camp is looking ahead of the season what sort of almost unforeseen challenges you're having to deal with in the ways you're kind of handling them in a in a time that is unprecedented for everybody but but specifically people coaching youth sports right well first let me say that I'm a marine and one thing that I learned in marine corps so you always have to adjust and adapt to change and SO we can spend a lot of time complaining we just whatever guidelines they sit down to those we do suggested so the first thing in the first priority was to keep every kid safe and healthy and we want to keep their family safe and healthy so we are really pushing our safety measures maintaining social distance always ready for different chains to come down the pike and then our coaches who are also aims to not changing up the logistics of how we work our workouts are we playing Halloween store how we prepare you have to be ready everything is subject to change and that's how the in the world now let our culture's log time this is the new norm this is the new normal and we after we have to accept it can't complain about it we have to accept the adaptive mobile com and that's what we've been doing so we are just so we're excited just to be out there and we'll be back with the kids and really get them back on a routine all all because he is out here without a routine that lot of things that can happen so we're just happy that we're able to interact with them get the morning routine get them back in our program and so they can grow will be successful and kind of build up for this either yeah no I I I can't imagine what this time is like for for you and and all coaches in the area getting getting their kids ready for the season this fall again it's a week from today it's going to be at the king's island city Mason golf course a hundred dollars a golfer it's an awesome deal I'm looking at it right now the Withrow Tigers football Facebook page I will tweet out a link as well coach enjoy next Thursday to look this season thanks so much yes thank you gold card you got it Kelly Jones is the head football coach at Withrow high school there are golf outing is a week from today all right now we're gonna read drafty in a cell after the seven thirty news which is happening right now on seven hundred WLW traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. Cincinnati an uptick in corona virus cases in southwest Ohio this is the seven thirty report I met Reese breaking now an increase in the number of cases in southwest Ohio tonight and it's causing worry for governor DeWine hitting close to Cincinnati and Dayton areas of counties Hamilton Warren Montgomery Greene and Clark you're going to see us move and more heavily with the National Guard that will be doing testing in different sites will work very very closely with the hospitals in in in the region work with them as far as that the testing but also we're going to be doing testing in locations that we will be announcing the local news media will be.

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