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I haven't seen a line like the storms move this this morning in Warren county, for example, the overpasses were horrible cars are sliding all over the place and that was up near fields Erdal Columbia road up that winner kings island, and by the time, you get down to would certainly the Reagan roads were wet, but it wasn't really slick at all incredible. How quickly that that that diminish? So well, north you're getting slammed and further south. It's a lot more wet. Anyway, this one's behind us. And now we are warming up. We'll be into the what forties tomorrow mid forty s and fifty five on Sunday and sunny can be sitting on a beach Sunday at this point. It's gonna feel like it. That's for sure now nine thirty five today. Scott Sloan show, we got our guy stuck here prop bets for the Super Bowl. I love this kind of stuff everyone's analyzing breaking down the game and who's going to win and strategy and Xs and os. This guy's got all the profits the wacky bets. That are out there for Super Bowl Sunday love, the proposition bets like, you know. Let me pull one here. The coin you bet on the coin toss the length of the national anthem stuff like that. How many times I'll show Giselle bunching? In the crowd. Those are awesome. Look at it. That was stuck you just a few minutes. So the very latest on this border wall issue. That's what we're talking about for a few minutes here. Anyway, just it makes really make your head hurt. It's it's laughable that we elect these people to go and represent us. And if this is the best representation, we can get we are a bunch of assets, myself included, if you look and go, wow, these people are speaking for me. And you look at them you go. Is there any way could fire you, so we can't have a wall. That is a it's a no go. Nancy Pelosi yesterday said no money for a wall. But still you have bipartisan committees that are meeting to come up with a compromise by two weeks from today. And if they don't have another shutdown. And the reason get stupid is because now is at least the Democrats community going. Well, you know, what we're not going to build a wall. That's out of the question. However, we're not going to rule out enhanced fencing any barrier. We will fund a barrier, but not a wall. What the hell is the difference between a barrier in a wall, a barriers a wall to wall barrier, for God's sakes, still stupid, just say, all right? The president wants a hunk of wall. Here's two hundred miles. Here's your money in exchange for amnesty for doc, akin done, fix it. Let's move on. Hey, Tom in Cincinnati on seven hundred w w high. Yeah. Hey, scott. Okay. You know, you're talking about Nancy Pelosi talking about those dragon's teeth, or whatever you wanna call that. We're on normally beat. One guy. You kind of mentioned let's say you envision let's say imigrants taking these things and chopping them up. Well, that's what the US army did some as the army us army moved forward inland. They got stuck in this hedgerow ovarian in France. And what kind of bears? Oh, okay. These things farmers and use these things for years. They just kind of made, and it was really tough for the army move forward. So inventive. Some inventive GI said. Hey, look at all the scrap metal. They took them chop them up. Put them on the front of tanks, and they're able in essence like big claws to chew through these head grope. Oh, cool. Yeah. You know, we're stuck. So there you go. Now granted I don't think illegal aliens are gonna come up with tanks and teeth and all that. But it's kind of funny. However, but you know, let me interrupt your second. Okay. You know? Here's the thing. I think of it this way think of inmates trying to break out Shawshank, right? Well, they're gonna come up with some. Yeah. Right. You got time, and you've got resources all you have is time every day in prison, you think of another way to break out of jail right in. So if you're trying to break out or in no difference, if you have all this kind of time and resources, you're going to find a work look at all the hacks, and this when we talk about tech stuff, right? Look look at the the the iphone hack now where you can hack into somebody's FaceTime all by conference calling in someone else. And it's because somebody had time to think of that. There's these little tiny things. No matter. What contingency you come up with someone's going to find a way around me add onto this real quick? Okay. So Nancy kind of said, well, here's a, you know, using her military mind as small as it is. However, I keep on saying this, you know, we're we're worried about the cost. I was in the army for years and everywhere, I went Afghanistan, Kuwait Costa, VO, basically, we were ringed with these low cost us. Go barriers. That's a company they make these these wire cages or four or five feet tall them. With dirt you can stack these things three. Hi. Rows and rows of razor wire their impregnable. Now any barrier. Just like you mentioned it's not a barrier unless you're observing it. Okay. So these things have got to be observed because he's see videos and films of these guys. You know, here's a nice big wall Tempe. Twenty feet hug you going to get around it. Giving up time if nobody a locked door was my dad said only keeps the honest people out. Time pressure Andy that's what red zone. Yeah. Exactly. Pasco barriers dirt cheap because they're filled with dirt. Right. And you know, so he Nancy. We like your idea you use the military application Pasco, boom cheap. Thank you. Yeah. I mean, they'll be blowing them up or something like that. And give them some time. They'll be digging through the barriers because they have time. Exactly. But anyway, hey, love your show. Thanks, pal. Great to enjoy your Super Bowl weekend. There you go. Exactly. It's all right. We come up with us has Gobert sounds pretty cheap. It's essentially like if you've seen I forget, the names of these things you'll see him. Essentially, indiana. They have a lot of these things on the side of the road. It's like a it's like wire mesh almost like chicken wire this filled with stones, and they take these big things dropping down on top of each other. And it prevents well like what we see along Columbia Parkway. Get a bunch of those up there, and it's going to help with the the erosion issue with a landslide issue. So you do that only instead of Burr of chicken wire, you do it out of bar, and then film, but there their stones and dirt. But you know, gimme a shovel and pair of wire cutters. And I don't know a couple of weeks going right through that thing. News is next seven hundred wwl w. Traffic and weather. News Radio seven hundred w ELL delegates. Cincinnati. Finding work crossed the tri-state in the country with the nine thirty report. I'm Brian combs breaking now over three hundred thousand new jobs created last month, January typically.

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