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We've got Ellen Pompeo here. She's of course, you know, from Grey's anatomy, executive producer hazing, Adam. Yes. How long have you been doing that show fifteen season? My god. Now, when you guys film this thing, do you have you had the same dressing room for fifteen seasons. I have I have a trailer which just a trailer. Actually, that's a lie. It's a trailer. But it's has not been the same. One. We got new trailers probably around season five, right? Yeah. And I re do mind because I'm a fan of interior design. Yes. I redo mine every couple of years, I just redid it. I had Jeremiah Naper, Jeremiah. Yes. Lord, Jeremiah, do my trailer and my office this year, and what lot do you go shoot on on a lot called prospect studios. I don't know where that is. Which is in Los feeless, very close to ABC soap operas used to be in. It is on the ill there and American bandstand down the weird street. That's like residents. Yeah. Yeah. And that's kinda close to you. I mean, not to give away where exactly I was going to say. This is great. Yeah. Five minutes away for sheets. You don't have to go over the hill because you know, for people who don't live in Los Angeles parking and traffic factor hugely in the choices and decisions make on a daily basis since I will not go to certain places because there's no parking or I have to go over the hill or have to go through the coin pass for for something. You know what I mean? Yeah. You literally have to plan your day. I can't go to the valley at the traffic is to have to go at noon. It's yeah. And and I know you're from Boston. But have you always known how to drive a car? Yes. Yeah. Because a lot of people come here, and they don't know how to drive a car in Los Angeles. I after Boston I moved to Miami. And then I moved to New York City, and I always drove a car in New York. Also, I did have a car in New York, also just expensive and. Yeah. Used to live on the west side highway over there by floral, and there was plenty of parking in the meatpacking district back. Then it wasn't what it is..

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