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In Atlanta. The Georgia law would ban. An abortion in a heartbeat is detected one of the most famous fashion houses in the world is walking off the runway and into the abortion, fray, Gucci models, walked runways in Rome, one in address decorated with flowering, uterus on the front jackets, and coats, had the phrase, my body, my choice, so non creative director, asandra me Kelly tells women's wear daily he was inspired by seventies culture and the reproductive rights movement. L Johnny sap rocky, and Harry, styles were among the celebrities out the show, Gucci is the same brand that withdrew a high turtleneck black face sweater in February. Deborah Rodriguez, CBS news and is at the beginning of the metoo movement for dads, J P Morgan Chase just settled a lawsuit, and agreed to pay five million dollars to fathers who say they were denied their fair share of, parental leave more from CBS's money watches. Diane king hall a male employees claimed he was. Not giving the same amount of paid parental leave as employees who were mothers would have received the settlement money will go to hundreds possibly thousands of men who filed for primary caregiver leave and were denied it over the last seven years, the Bank claims its policy was always gender-neutral, but says it has now clarified its language, and new research, gives hope to men fighting prostate cancer, surgery and radiation have in the past often lead to well, an upheaval in your urinary and sexual functions. But Dr Neil shore a urologist says his research is both exciting and hopeful. It includes by the.

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