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Anyway that's why i do it and then have a strong opinion about it but i really just kind of a habit ademi's came late you know and so which we talked about a lot yeah so new here's another one for you you did a bunk rene shares fall by the way i don't know how much they fell or whether they're still fall in but shares fall fallen fresh report of even greater reductions in iphone 10 production this is uh the the whisper rumor from nikkei that uh samsung is planning to make twenty mid makes plays for twenty million or fewer iphone ten units uh lines is see if apples you know i think apple shares falling means the at the moment they wrote that story oh well maybe yes okay there you go so this is the one day it's not you know a huge lip if you look at five days or one month says still higher than it's been since uh january 23rd it looks like uh all right but we will get like let's let's go back to though you're one year like grants and had was it up and down there was this big dip at the beginning of the month was that the same room at i was unamsil wanted abs in the beginning a month yeah that was the stock market right they're reading window your wednesday what that shit let that the market maker said was a two weeks ago that apple apple should really only moving to reports earnings and announces new products and everything else is manufactured that's of well that's perfect that's exactly writes the rest of it is speculation all you never know him because they already kay has indicate has a great reputation but they've also published articles that had absolutely no foundation in the past and samsung is a wonderful company but they have also been known to leak stories because they w they need to get the contract they want it or they wanted to put pressure on the contract with they wanted to move the the like they.

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