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Make every episode standalone friendly, but since emotion is a topic. I've been covering since episode ten I may not have succeeded. The book the neuroscience of emotion. In has two goals to provide an overview of the current science of emotion and to propose a framework for studying emotion across species and disciplines, I focused on the first go, even though the second was more important because I think those of you who are working in the field should read the book. There are three key ideas that I want to mention today one. There is no particular brain region devoted to any specific emotion. The Meg does not the center of fear. Instead current research is focusing on how various parts of the brain interact to create a motion number two. The book contains an excellent discussion have how the problems of functional M R I are being addressed. This is important because I've been critical of this method in the past number three. They argue that animals do have emotions and the study of animals as well Schuman's is important because there are two. Tools that can be used in animals that can't be used in humans. So that's it for twelve annual review episode. I hope you will go back and listen to any episodes that you missed the announcements that I embedded in the show will be included in the episode show notes at brain science podcast dot com. If you aren't already subscribed to our free newsletter. I encourage you to do..

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