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A guy who has been with turning point USA. He's the founder and the president of turning point. USA is a guy that I've met a lot of, of mental. I want to be really careful twenty five year old kids that have come up, and they're, they have suddenly newfound power, and they don't have any idea what they're dealing with. They're not responsible. They're exactly who I would have been at twenty five. Just not responsible with that kind of influence in power. Very few are really reflective and, and turn out like Ben Shapiro. I remember when Ben Shapiro was on my show us, I think eighteen years old, and he hasn't changed. He was a fifty year old when he was eighteen he still fifty at what thirty one Charlie Kirk is. I think one of the most well thought out and, and gentlemen, biggest gentlemen, I have met very, very humble when you meet him in person, and yet, he is single handedly with his group turning point USA changing the world. He is largely responsible and my opinion for the Trump victory. He is large. Responsible for what is happening on the campuses in a good way. But he's here to talk about something that we have to pay attention to. And I want to engage you on this because we need your help to save the Republic. And it is that is not hyperbole to say that welcome to the program. Charlie Kirk, thank you so much. Thank you. Greatly appreciate it. Thank you. You bet. So Charlie explain what the left is doing, and they're doing this. They're doing it openly, but no one really is covering this in the detail that it should be covered because it changes everything overnight. That's correct. And so ever since Donald Trump won the presidency. The left has been enacting several full frontal assaults on our core institutions. That's why they enacted but the Russia hoax molar this is why they've continued the propaganda campaign in media, but mostly Horton. This one of the components that hasn't gotten much media coverage at all is how the Democrats realized that the system of which we elect, a president needs to change that the system of decentralised elections the system that gives a voice to middle America, not Manhattan and Malibu that system is a barrier is a hindrance towards their quest for total control, and for deconstruction of our country and for redefinition of our country. So what am I talking about trying to get rid of the electoral college? Sorry, go ahead. So Charlie explained to people because there's a lot of people, especially your age that say, hey, we want a democracy, people are screaming for that now in Europe Direct vote direct democracy. Make the case to those who are in the cities, who believe differently and believe in democracy because they've been raised thinking. That's what we are make the case. That, that's a bad thing. Happy to the first of all, we're not a democracy. That's one of the most important things we have to teach the next generation, Bernie Sanders says it almost every single day, and we fall into this linguistic trap. We almost begin to believe the lies the left that we are a democracy, where constitutional Republic. And we use the democratic means to elect individuals and representatives. And what's the difference? The constitutional Republic recognizes certain natural rights had can't be taken away, just as the mob, once those to be taken away. And in the federalist papers, the founding fathers realized and recognized the potential danger of the tyranny of the mob, one of the big historical fallacies that is taught to students is that America was the first exercise and quote unquote, democracy. That's just not true. Tried many times before Cicero who I believe is the most important thinker, and writer who has council of Rome, the one year warned against the tyranny of the majority warned against that total outright Mabo Crecy essentially would turn into class warfare. He argued that the middle class means representation that first and foremost recognized their natural. Right. And so what the electoral college has done over a long period of time. Is it forces, the state's first of all recognize the sovereignty of the state recognizes that the state's that'll government the federal government and not create the states, and it allows the states to appropriate their electors as they see set? Now, this is really important because each state has made my head a different way that they want to send their electors to the electoral college. So, for example, two states right now, main in Nebraska, they carve out one of their congressional districts that allow that congrats, the winner of that congressional district. Maybe different than the entire voice of the state. So, for example, Donald Trump won a singular electoral vote in two thousand sixteen in two thousand eight Brock Obama won a singular electoral vote in Nebraska, when he won that eastern Nebraska congressional seat when he won that now what does that mean? It means that voices that otherwise would not have had as big of a platform. All of a sudden are now competitive in the national election in discourse, and what's happening now was actually predicted and prophesized by the founding fathers federalist papers, and the construction of our country where you have the exacerbate of the coastal elites that want to that want to then enact their, their viewpoint and their ivory tower philosopher king agenda over middle America, and middle-class American. That's most important because the needs and wants of man Laboon, Manhattan or not the needs and lots of Michigan, Missouri. So how do we peacefully going about this without turning ourselves into factions and pitting people? Against each other. Well, the only way you could possibly come to compromise and build. Big base coalitions is through the decentralisation of elections, which is what the electoral college offers. And you look at other countries that just have straight Mabo crissy's, as I call it not going so well as it for example in France. No one can possibly say that the ideas that were rooted in the French revolution have been better for human freedom and prosperity than the idea of the American revolution status enlightenment and, and what we have right now is the left realizes that the idea of decentralized control the protection of the individual and state's rights it is a hindrance. It's almost an annoyance and obstacle for them to be able to get the power that they wish on that, that they, they wanna get. And so what they're doing right now, just to talk very specifically Glenn. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with your audience, because fury. This is not something oh, the left wants to do this. The left is doing this, and they're getting help from too many Republicans close. Yeah. I would venture guests that many people in your audience don't know that fifteen states have already passed what's called the interstate national vote compact. What does that mean? Fifteen states has essentially passed through the state legislators and signed. By the governor. Green that their electoral votes will be given to the winner of the national popular vote. So in short the left with the help of far too many Republicans that tends to be a trend isn't it Glenn seems like Republicans tend to agree? So go along Clark to awesome, Dave realized that they're not able to get this through concerts that they're not gonna be able to get to the house of representatives, or through a constitutional amendment. So instead, they saw their window to go to the states since the states are allowed to appropriate, their electors holiday. See said it could be on how they do it now or they could do at home. Meaning Nebraska does it or they could do as something I wins the World Series. You know. So what the left is trying to do is perfectly legal. It's perfectly constitutional and perfectly legal. I believe so there's some scholars that think it isn't. I actually don't agree. I actually think it's perfectly legal. I think the framers allowed this sort of window to the states, it's hard. It's difficult now. Let's talk specifically it's already past fifteen states Glenn. Now, this does not go into action until they hit that magical to seventy number two hundred seventy number there, right at about some hundred right now. And on Wednesday, two days ago, Oregon just signed it in the law. So I want you to think about that. This is sweeping the country. Now the democrat governor of Nevada, Steve, lack vetoed it. We can a half ago dude on him. He has more Brady than bravery than most Republicans and Democrats Nevada exceleron into the house and the Senate. And he surprisingly vetoed it, this is now being discussed and Sates states such as main Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio, they are seventy votes away from changing the way that we elect a president and what does that mean? So let's go through those main will main will absolutely do that. Let's go through the state by state where where are they where do we have a chance of turning the tide? Let's look a state by state. Yeah. And, and so, so main is now discussing it again in their in their house, and the house, and will eventually try to kick it up to the governor, and it would be just so foolish. Glen, so to do this because you talk about a state that actually respects the, the idea of the individual generally, and has, has, has not necessarily always gone along with the traditional northeastern stereotype of, of Lebanon. It'd be such a mistake. So then they give up their sovereignty and the attention that they're able to get to, to the mob the people that have nothing to do with their needs wants or desires, you know, the one in Minnesota. They're trying to introduce their already introduced this into Minnesota and the other one that we have to a very close eye and rapidly changing state in a variety of ways that if we're, we're sleep at the wheel, this state will become a blue state at Zona. It's it's been introduced into Arizona state house. It's getting far too much traction in Arizona and zone. Of course, just elected Senator kissed and cinema. Donald Trump did not win a majority of voting in Arizona back in two thousand sixteen only one, I think forty nine point one percent. I can look up here. Exact number more and more, specifically on North Carolina North Carolina's another dangerous date with a democrat. Governor and was very weak Republicans and that's been driven lethal combination. All right. So what do people need to do Charlie? They need to call. If you're in Arizona North Carolina main, you need to organize yourself again. You need to get on your phone with your legislature, and your state Senate and say, stop this governor's office do not pass this. Right. That's correct. Yes. In so attorney point USA where the nation's largest student organization, focused on the constitution in American exceptionalism. And so we feel it's incumbent on us to fight for this harvest. We can. And so our website, TB USA dot com. You'll be able to find some resources of what you can do to get into gates involved on this fight. And we're part, would I found Glenn, which is always gives me such hope for the future of this country is that this was already organically, kind of being fought through some great grassroots activists in these states, and we're already connecting with them and giving them some resources and funding. And that's what I love about America's that whenever there is a crisis into. Visuals tend to voluntarily and almost magically step up. And now, now we need to give them a call to action. And that is a uniquely American virtue and value that when there is crisis are patriots stuff up time and time again. But now we have to raise the sense of urgency on this. I will tell you, Charlie I talked to you about this for a few weeks. And I've told you that this audience is a remarkable audience. They're the most giving they are the hardest working and I, I don't I don't say this to dismiss any other audiences because I, I know the power of other audiences. This one's just different and they will engage and so I urge you please, this will make the entire election in everything you're about to go through worthless in the end, if they get up to two seventy it's got to be stopped main, Minnesota Arezzo North Carolina. Are the ones that are closest, but they're working this everywhere. So please, get involved, if you can donate money for this to teepee USA, go to USA dot com. That's turning point. USA, teepee, USA, Charlie is really leading this. And I looked to him on how we can assist turning point to be able to stop this, because this changes us overnight and really forever. I think we lose this. We lose. We lose that right? Charlie? Exactly right. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. You bet Charlie Kirk teepee USA back in one minute..

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