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That was a pretty nice compliment. But to see what he's been able to do, it's just it's unbelievable and it's inspired a whole generation of bruins fans. And a lot of the young players when I would from Boston when I would interview them for the draft, he was always their favorite player. Now I'm noticing that Brad Marshawn is the guy that's getting a lot of love and David poster knock like when you talk to these younger draft eligible guys that are coming up and comers more guys are kind of shifting to Marshawn and pasta. And that's fine. But for a long time here over the last ten years or so, it was always, it was bergeron bergeron bergeron, and that's not an accident he just plays the right way. Oh, a 100%. And I think I'm gonna ask you to end the show and ask you a $1 million question. But before we get to the $1 million question. The question of, I'm going to ask you a little, gets people a little scared. You need to chill out a bit. So to help chill out when I ask such tough questions, let's talk about cannabis specifically. Massachusetts premier cannabis dispensary insa. INS a they're the premiere because the founders patent Pete re-engineered the cannabis model from what they sell to how they sell it while never forgetting that it's for everyone. It's a dispensary in fighting and modern. So come in, even if just to learn more. These places are very fun and very cool to go inside. The staff for authorities on the science who answer every question from differences between flowers and concentrates to offerings for insomnia, anxiety, or just a good time to hang out with friends. And it has a world class head chef too, and only hires the most respected growers who perfected their craft when it wasn't so legit. One last thing. The nsa founders are not these guys from Silicon Valley, but lifelong pals from beautiful Springfield, Massachusetts. So there's another local.

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