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The Justice department has released documents showing why it wanted the court to allow it to wiretap former Trump. Campaign advisor Carter page, the documents allege page collaborated and conspired with, the Russian government page denied the charges on. State of the union. This is so ridiculous, it's just beyond words it's. You're talking about, misleading the courts I it's just. So misleading going through there's four. Hundred plus, page documents you know where? Do you even begin it's, literally a complete joke. And it only continues, it's just really sad but Senator Marco Rubio on state of the union says. Pages a suspicious figure you have a. Different view on it number one Carter page is I'm not claiming. That he's JAMES BOND he's, not double o seven but he's a guy that. Even before the campaign so this is not a Trump related even before the campaign is a guy that went around the world bragging about. His connections in Russia so they knew who he. Was before the campaign then you see the guy kind of gravitating around a leading campaign and then other things came. Up on their, screen and they said we gotta, look at this guy and that's what the FIS applications. Sort of lays out Gaza's HAMAs leaders have Accepted a, ceasefire ending in his really onslaught after a, soldier was shot dead correspondent Ian Lee says. Tensions arising when you. Talk to Gazans they, believe that awar- is around. The corner. They, don't believe that the two sides. Can keep this sort of calm. Continuing and, you hear from this railway? Officials they say that if, HAMAs or other Gaza. Militants launch anymore mortars, or rockets than they will respond more forcefully the final round of the British. Open is underway at Carnoustie Tiger Woods. Finish the third round happy just to be in the mic there. Bunch of guys that were, pretty upgrade scores and the golf course was was. Capable I didn't want to be too far back at the guys got the town apart I had to stay within reach and five is. Was definitely within reach woods is two shots back. After once holding the lead today Francesco Molinari is atop the leaderboard at seven under Rory mcilroy and Jordan speed are..

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