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Realizes some of them are good very hard that's that's how frustrating i really like cooking still i having i have friends that don't the cooked as long as i have and don't i still really like cooking i have a lot of energy so something about things boiling on a stove and he in a deep frier and it grill and all this energy almost visceral living every day i really liked that at that helps leaked by go home and i'm like i can become now i go home and watch carracing she's very lax with me i'm like i'm doug that millions are piece of tin i'm not unit on the home meeting k saga let's relaxing watch other people under such massive pressure all that stuff they have put on writing the form they install themselves it's such risk he now was not a moment where you gun neck car up and you say why you have plenty of time to leave and go to like guadeloupe and never come back you know why you are in that car which is why i like it i kinda wanted make sure i can answer that question myself citing the same for bull you know why is the recipe in there their visiting impart something people might not know is it something people money that's a big one for me i pick up of i'm like i don't want i of new ravi we disown so some looks like by look at the pictures you've done that bought youth cookbooks in harm you told yourself you're gonna cut from on people also confessed to chefs ally abu party my friends at dermatologists sweetened with party and she's like children under the party be mobilink have this thing here.

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