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Ball the final top twenty five rankings after fifty million rankings throughout the season fifty million power rankings and everything else. Clemson Obama to Ohio State three Oklahoma four Notre Dame five then LSU, Georgia and Florida tied for seventh taxes nine and Washington state, Mike Leach ten they. Clemson's blowout. Win over Alabama. Here you go with what I don't care about the overnight ratings the lowest for a college football national championship since Alice you in two thousand twelve the last game before that Obama Georgia last year. Had like way bigger ratings. So if it means anything to you, a fourteen six overnight that Bama Georgia game, a sixteen seven so. The Spurs have significant interest in Kristaps Porzingis. According to Tim Daniels of the AP and. It's unclear whether he'll play at all this season. He averaged twenty two point six boards two blocks while shooting almost forty percent from three Bahrain across forty eight appearances last season before he suffered the knee injury. He said he wants to stay in New York is whole career. But he says he wants to win the most. When the time comes seriously started thinking about it right now. I just tried to do my best. Yeah. It's gotta be towards your plan for the next. Honestly, did you see him tonight? Bend over against the warriors. I mean, they got smacked. I had the numbers up before it was one twenty two ninety five Thompson Ed forty three at seven threes. Durant had twenty four and I've said curry had a rough night's shooting five of nineteen from the floor and three of twelve from downtown. Kevin love could be out until the all star break. Have you ever seen anything like this guy gets injured? I mean is there anyone who gets injured more than Kevin love? I mean, honestly. He's got game. There's no doubt about it for a white boy. Right. But he's not injured every year. I mean, he's just every year every year. It's just automatic. Right. That he's going to be out as he played like literally I feel like he hasn't played the whole season. How disastrous are the Cleveland Cavaliers without LeBron James? It is it. It's almost unbelievable, isn't it? It's like the worst team in a league. Who's worse? The sons. I mean, they lose every game. They play Ken the raptors sell their star. Kawhi Leonard on a future in Toronto. This is a huge question because everybody's already got him going to LA to the clippers and wherever else the Lakers, blah, blah, blah. All I know is is that from the jump. I have said that I truly believe that they'll end up having a shot at this guy because I think he's, you know, before it even started I said on this show that he would enjoy it there. And that is a great town. Right. And it it really is a great. City, and it's a lot of fun there. It's cool. And it's and it really is New York without hate. If you ask me, and I just thought he would really dig it. And he's you know, they're winning. They're really good team. And I think that at the end of the day they're going have a shot to keep them. I really do. I think he might actually like it there enough to stay. I could be wrong carbon. I do you think you'll stay in Toronto or bolt he'll leave and you go so much for that theory. Opponents are saying that the nets are staggeringly good all of a sudden everyone thinks that the nets are gonna make the playoffs including Brad Stevens. They are you think they'll Megan? I do they are a lot better. They're better than than axe. Everybody's better than the Knicks Azabu key the guy at Kansas had I guess he's having surgery on his torn hand ligament. He's done for the year. I think that really hurts Kansas big time. Elias. Peterson of the Canucks is NIA star player like rookie. Yes. He would be the Calder winner right now placed on injured reserve how long does that mean? He's out. It's not a set date. It's just whenever he is basically to open up a roster spot last night. You were telling me about the Miami brotherhood of the John Jay deal. Tell me about what this all means. Now, they've signed all of Manny Machado is best friends. The White Sox have going to bring in John. Jay, they brought in yonder Alonzo. And these guys are like Manny Machado best friends based ones think Alonzo's is brother-in-law John. Jay's the three of them are like life, you know, friends forever. So. The White Sox are either know something or they're trying to do whatever they can to get him in there. Patty Harrington chosen as the European Ryder Cup, captain, I think that's a solid choice for the mates. Good. Hope. He loses. There you go a good Irish by you're already rooting against all in Ryder Cup. I gotta root for the United States. I told you that they lose to the Europeans and Paris. Here we go Larry in Maryland, you're on CBS sports radio. Thank you, Scott, not to beat a dead. But to go back to John Harbaugh in his post-game presser said that there was no way that Joe is going to play out of respect and they couldn't afford to have Leonard they dressed him. So why not the activate Joe and put in RG three as active better mindset to run the RPO slash wishbone. Well, I just don't think they ever even remotely considered data at all. I think that was the furthest thing from their mind. You guys are really drawn straws here, bro. You got to let it go. I mean, honestly at this point, please, I'm begging you to stop. You guys are I mean, you guys are really high. You gotta stop smoking just blunt and just chill out and have a Marlboro or something in a glass of beer because you guys are just not letting this go and you sound almost half ridiculous. I mean, I have never seen a. Team two days later, you guys are still crying about this Jesus Christ moved to Chicago. And and see what it's like supper with those people at least they had it on their fingertips and blew it. You guys just got your ass. Be. I don't be fooled by the final score stop trying to figure out what John Harbaugh. I love. All you guys think your head coaches in the NFL it really believable to me. I. It gets worse by the call night. You don't have anything against you or your opinion. I just have I got back in yet. Just let it go. It's over. I mean, it is so over I mean, John Harbaugh all of them there. Believe me you there. Adam. I'm sure, but they're not can you imagine. If he's bringing that up at the kitchen table is wife's going to smack him. I mean, honestly, she's gonna throw a bowl of cereal in his face. Stop talking about it already. It's over it's done. There's nothing you can do about it you guys. I mean, honestly, I don't know what the hell you're trying to do make. Did you wanna play the game? Again, is that what you want you want to play it over get a second chance. It's unbelievable. You guys are still trying to figure this out. I mean, honest to God that one's really honestly, our g three really really. You want to bring in that guy. They wouldn't let him touch the football field. Please. Honestly, I don't know. What did they I don't even think I can drive home Allison into this wreck in Toronto? My call Scott. First of all thank you for the last week, making a communist, junior hockey things have just finished six. Secondly, we have prohibition here for Bluejays exhibition stadium for using alcohol. Thirdly, I wanna say the show needs TV contracts. That's an important thing and quiet render will not play for the raptors next thing because Rogers media, and they want hometown discount salary. So thank you much time. How the guy I just don't believe that for one minute is he's as he actually going to sit here and try to tell me that the most powerful Rogers media, you're going to tell me, they don't spend money. They're broke or something. And they they won't pay. There's nothing that franchise wants more than that keep that guy. There is that not accurate is that not accurate. Better William Hill resort in Atlantic City place to three hundred thousand dollar bet on the ravens at minus three against the chargers that did not go well for him. The MGM reported four large bets totaling fifty five thousand on the chargers from the same customer that guy. Just cashed a better William Hill in Monmouth park, racetrack and jersey placed two hundred twenty thousand dollar bet on the chargers. Plus three cashed the chargers attracted more than any other team during the weekend draft kings, New Jersey sports book. How about this one guy bat two hundred sixty thousand dollar money line on the bears to beat the eagles straight up. What's how about this? The box would have been crushed. If the bears won the Super Bowl, they were one hundred to one long shot if they would cash those tickets, I would have killed him. The eagles various game was the most heavily bet game during gangs sports books. This summer. The Seahawks to Bunga version with one eighteen to play and they're twenty four July garbage that major implications. You know, like I said some people had it at Cowboys, minus one and a half. That's what I added at some added two and a half. And then you lose. William Hill in Nevada, New Jersey and West Virginia. Seventy one percent of the money bet on Seattle, Dallas points. Fred was on the Seahawks. A better at Monmouth places series of bats, totaling two hundred seventy five thousand on the Cowboys. He cashed them not all of them. Now. Dallas and minus two pushed and Dallas minus two and a half lost. He ended up winning forty five thousand two hundred seventy five thousand so that did not go well notable Super Bowl bad still alive. Twenty grand on the chargers at twenty two to one that would net four hundred forty thousand twenty three hundred and the Cowboys at seventy five to one that would net hundred seventy two five nine thousand on the same today. Eighteen and one that would net hundred sixty two grand two thousand on the eagles at sixty to one that would net one hundred and twenty grand eight hundred on the colts at one hundred and fifty one that would net hundred and twenty thousand dollars. So believe me you feel that the biggest game that the. The houses are worried about on Sunday. The last game the eagles and saints because of all the parlays and teasers that are going to be riding on that game. Anyway, just some tidbits. I got that from ESPN and day Burnham's column. See now, there you go credit where it's good stuff from him on a gambling nuts. Episode one sixteen of Verona bats tomorrow morning, bright and.

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