First Amendment, Boise State University, Antonin Scalia discussed on C-SPAN


Public colleges surveyed which are bound by the first amendment fully onethird had written policies banning disfavored speech for example at boise state university not a ho the student code of conduct prohibits quote conduct that a reasonable person would find offensive clubs at clemson university student code of conduct vans any verbal or physical act that creates quote an offensive educational work our living environment pulse quote but who decides what is offensive and what is acceptable the university is about the search for truth not the imposition of truth by a government sensor speech instability codes often violate what the late justice antonin scalia at rightly call quote the first axiom of the first amendment which is that quote as a general rule the state has no power to ban speech on the basis of content and this great land the government does not tell you what to thank all what to suck in addition to written speech codes many colleges now deign to tolerate free speech calling in certain geographically limited free speech zones for example recently filed suit against pierce college in california public school alleging that it prohibited him from distributing spanish language copies of the united states constitution outside the skills free speech zone the size of the free speech zone 600 in sixteen square feet vannes size of two dorm rooms attorney general jeff sessions up his own czar uarly from meal you want the.

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