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On all FM Oakville from ABC news I'm Brian Clark slowing the spread of the corona virus is the goal of the federal government's responses Dr Anthony Fauci of the national institutes of health we have the opportunity now even though we will still continue to see an acceleration of cases we have the opportunity to blunt that peak and essentially make it more of a man found which would mean less sick people and less death president trump announced some of those guidelines on Monday at the White House avoid gathering in groups of more than ten people avoid discretionary travel and avoid eating a drink in bars restaurants and public food courts ABC's Alex processes local governments are taking those precautions even further and they aren't suggesting but mandating the new normal in California's San Francisco Bay Area seven counties now under a shelter in place order close to seven million people told the only leave home for food medicine or exercise Los Angeles raising the city's operation to level one the highest deputising city workers to do jobs they don't normally do at least thirty five states ordering public schools to close and at least fifteen states have activated the National Guard four states are scheduled to hold primaries today including Florida Miami Dade elections supervisor Christina white says the corona viruses on the top of everybody's mind and certainly we're all taking our own personal precautions but from the elections perspective we have taken additional measures Ohio is one of those states schedule but authorities there say there will be no in person voting because it's been declared a public health emergency the economic impacts continue to be felt an airline trade group said Monday that major U. S. carriers are in danger of running out of money before the end of the year without a bail out lawmakers discussed ways to ease the economic impact in one day after the Dow fell three thousand points trading is higher in futures markets you're listening to ABC news komo news art Sanders top stories from the commode twenty four seven news center governor Jay Inslee orders businesses like bars and restaurants to shut down in order to help curb the spread of the coronavirus grocery stores and other businesses will be able to stay open but restaurants will be limited to take out and delivery at all gatherings of fifty people or more also banned for the next couple weeks possibly longer Insley says these are not actions taken lightly nor miss economic implications and social disruptions and then the days to come we will attempt to do everything we can to minimise and help mitigate some of these challenges but today we know we're doing this for a simple reason to save lives of our loved ones usually along with health officials say the moves are meant to reduce the peak of covert nineteen infections king county closes more of its customer service offices to prevent the spread of coronavirus most of the in person services at the county administration building are not available for now now you're como traffic on Bainbridge island highway three oh five at the egg has bridge traffic is alternating in one open lane due to construction work until about four thirty in Tacoma northbound I. five exit to Portland Avenue closed until four AM our incarnation highway two oh three traffic still alternating single lane just south of north east still water bill wrote that due to the damage from a slow moving landslide I'm J. Phillips come twenty.

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