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This episode of her pile is brought to you by dell technologies. Your company's data security is critical right well. Recently dell technologies did a study with forrester. They found that thirty two percent of mid market businesses surveyed reported that modern servers has increased their data center security and helped them spend thirty nine percent less time on routine management with fell technologies. Your mid market business gets those benefits plus storage bridge and data protection solutions with fierce enterprise grade security built in to ensure your data is protected no matter where it resides with dell technologies and intel solutions russians you get fierce security made for the digital age learn more at dell technologies dot com slash reply all this episode of her pile. L. is brought to you by miller highlight. The champagne of beers is made as a reminder that the highlife is within reach no matter what that might mean for you so for the last few weeks. We've been trying to figure out what's the champagne gene of other stuff was champagne compliments well as you know. I don't like receiving compliments. The champagne of compliments for me is not making eye contact and saying saying hey thank god they come on and if you're doing a really good job. I think you're the champagne kaos. Whenever you're highlife is champagne of beers is there to help celebrate miller highlight the champagne of beers please. We celebrate responsibly. Welcome.

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