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And i got a cool count as the jacket so my number eight movehe this came out in january and i'm still keppy a tab morning so what instead of using martin s that's cool what what do you think it is i think it's a cure for wellness no this movie starring danny glover is monster trucks it carries not wear came from i'm gonna get you all the way from levers after year emily too no i can see better renewed like that's like a data corner break children's miracle man out that would have been interesting but no this was just a film where again the i don't know what they were doing this moments in here and this is something that we talked about a lot but i think it was the most egregious when it came to this film having a 20something year old on the bus with thirteen year old kid this guy's and high school bullshit someone called the police yeah man this this movie it felt like it was put put together by an eight year old and somehow that made it to scream and turns out that's what it fucking was uh this got some ceo of some movie company into a lot of trouble i hate those words this dumped survivor film came out and nobody went inside they they did things he had these know these actors in here who were not really big don't really have anything under the bill you know they gotta do this stuff because they're just trying to make their name in hollywood but then they had the nerve to bring in danny glover and is having to be the magical mystical negro did just shows up in his wheelchair for no reason and also plane it that you need to get that chuck fixed and then the truckers goes avocados is butter property damage there they destroy an entire town in iraq's law because a lot of problems but it's a fun kids kids film so yeah go enjoy it knows movie was terrible it is danny glover support now you know was funny this remember danny glover luckily make my list yavuz these articles for kids i could see kids like any but this is the.

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