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All that stuff where we're going. Dave Jackson will be at the mass media. Pica summit January twenty four th through twenty six virtually at least that's an online summit February eighth in the real world. Dave will be at the bay area. Independent podcast Publisher Association Event in Nevada California then podcast moving evolutions in La. Every twelve sixteenth raw greenlandic. Jackson will both be there. Dave will be at the spark Christian podcast conference in Houston Texas the Twenty First Twenty second in February. I will be at the National News. Broadcaster Twenty Twenty proclaimed twenty twenty show And that is in Nashville. The twenty fifth to the Twenty Eighth Elsie. Dave and I and more Listen WE'LL BE AT PODCAST Orlando March. Six to the eighth will be at N. A. B. Las Vegas late April and all bunch of us will be podcast. Movement Dow's Texas First Week of August and then of course she podcast live and NABC NYC in October with more INFO on those in the future Plus some other events Looking to get out to at least fifteen events in twenty twenty We'll see how that goes and of course. Please come out to the events will be at say. Hello we really do like to get around country in chickens Ducasse bumps Yada Yada as always if you have an organization or event and need someone to speak about podcasting. Just email me. Robert Lipton DOT COM. We have a few people that can help on that front. And we're working on twenty twenty schedule now. I think Dave is also going to be speaking. I can't remember the date in Mansfield Ohio which is way too close to where my ex lives so Dave's taken that one them all right. Well then on that note you guys will hear from us in a couple weeks but you can always send us feedback to the feed at Lipson DOT com. You can also call us for one to five seven three nine thousand nine hundred thirty four or you can download our free APP for both IOS and Android and they're literally little tiny places. You can tap to send US feedback. Leave a comment. Email us in whatever way you want within the APP itself so thank you so much. We really do appreciate you guys reaching out again. The feed at Lipson DOT COM. And on that note. You will hear from us in. A couple of weeks..

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