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Yeah and you know my kids and my wife and really embracing it wasn't about where we live or if i had a mercedes like that it really was about being there for the ball games then you know laughing joking at the table or watching tv together things that are really look back at now because they're you know twenty seven and twenty two in live and other places that you cherish and i always talk to the people who have young kids and say you know in chair so's moment and i don't say it because in tears a moment no because dude there's going to be a time that kid doesn't wanna talk to you doesn't wanna see you and you may not be able to see them and you're gonna miss it yeah you're gonna miss greatly me i i look at kids now with the young kids and go are remember when we had to change diapers i remember when they first learned to walk i learned to ride a bike or indicates my son never really learned to write about took them out for their first drive and things like that how old are your kids now my son is twenty seven chicago at depaul works at bishop's there my daughter is twenty two just graduated from zoo she's a kindergarten teacher at battle elementary school in columbia very cool very cool i feel pretty good we got to college graduate yeah and i'm not so sure that would have happened in dc really well just because obviously they would go to college in our way to push him to go to college but i don't know if the choices would have been the same that they had here for going to college and my son went to watch you yeah and you graduated shoe thirty four hundred act.

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