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Gale Jones imagine that. As Gail Jones publishes novel after novel at the moment, incredible. I think we inspired her, don't you think? Yeah. William. He's got one coming out too. And she made a cameo appearance on a priest miss not so priest episode as well, which was great. Johnny. The book we're here to discuss is the crying of lot 49. The second novel by Thomas pynchon, first published in the U.S. in 1966 by JB lippincott and co, although excerpts that appeared the previous year in esquire and cavalier magazines. Its first UK publication was in 1967 by Jonathan cape. Usually described, we might come on to this as a classic of postmodern fiction, it follows the attempts of a young Californian woman oedipal mass to make sense of why she's been made executives of a former lover's estate. As we will doubtless discover, the book is impossible to describe succinctly. It's a brilliant and intricate satire in 60s America a gripping page Turner, a literary hall of mirrors which scorches its way into the reader's consciousness through the strange beauty of its language, your destiny of its ideas and the zaniness of its plot and characters. Anyway, before we start comparing notes on jacobean tragedy or trolling Instagram in search of muted post horns, Andy, what have you been reading this week? So I've been reading a book that came out last year by art former guest on blacklisted Susie boyt. It's her 7th novel and it's called loved and missed. And. Susie said something to me after we recorded the episode. John berry man, wasn't it? John berryman and the dream songs, and Sam, I know you're a big fan, aren't you? We were talking about what the role that alcohol and addiction played in berryman's life and work. Both those things, life and work. And she said to me, you know, my novel that I've.

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