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Your laugh after lunch support anytime with Colleen and Bradley here's the highlights from Thursday in the one o'clock hour so Kylie Jenner's field all defensive because the world is making fun of her weird tells anything on the human body if you focus in on it for too long it's gonna start looking kind of weird and again it does it does it tell put it in a shoe nobody knows thank you write that down shel Silverstein the main let me write that down no sadly not rating is held I was saying I'm like shel Silverstein write that down shell Silverstein what I meant was write that down it was like shel Silverstein it was my Colleen and Bradley listen live podcast it anytime at my talk one of seven one dot com or on the my talk at it's a Lexus even for a second hi David hi Alexis a lot of our listeners are renters things can you tell them about the market right now well you know just the fact that people are renting they know how expensive it is to write that rent check out every single month and we still have client after client we meet with that are shocked that the mortgage payment is less than what they're paying for rent there's great programs people can get in the homes of lower down payments we have neighborhoods where we can get you some free money it's just amazing out there indeed it's the right time now yes it is because now is the time to meet with fast make sure your credits online make sure you know how much money you need you know what opportunities you have get lined up with the realtor and start doing that shopping before it just gets crazy out there go with.

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