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Yes and it's gotta read this ridiculous james is in ashton kutcher emily tipton josh hutcherson garrett delahunt hunt giancarlo esposito who was just a few weeks ago courtney love beth grant timothy hutton and your former director tim blake nelson all in this movie yeah tim works with james a lot and james and i had done a movie together that reparative all directed courses and and we so we known each other little bit here and there for years and then he just came along and he after we did that he asked me to do a couple of his films and i was lucky able to take the time to do that one i was only in a few scenes couple of saints but yeah it's kind of extraordinary cast sure is yeah yeah yeah and i i wonder i wonder what it's about is supposed to come out soon i think yeah yeah actors you can make a movie god knows when well the guy who who speaks from experience yes you know warren movie movie called august that was about the crash of the silicon silicon alley in new york and had whole silicon based crash in two thousand one and it's just before september eleventh is when the movie takes place and it's called the tagline was august is just before the fall and but it's but it's a really well directed really cool film and i also was able to produce that one as well and then soon as we shot it this is we shot in too late two thousand seven two thousand crash two thousand eight occurred and then they didn't release that for a while because i just kind of keep doing these films just before an event and then ridiculous ridiculous comedy that couldn't like like stuck on you or something like that where where you're conjoined to someone absurd his nobody can go will you can't do that.

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