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Two of the big we are doing a live show from last you that Mexico Mexico City, my whole side, Julio Rica, lavar era, we're recording the amazing Gaza that I only see that -fornia here in the capital may. So those of you who listen to in the thick know that we talk a lot about the issue of immigration and migration YoM we're gonna talk about it differently on this edition because we're gonna talk about this through the eyes of may he go and people who live in Mexico. So joining us on stage illness, Don, she's an immigration researcher and coordinator of the Linda and collective say. Welcome to come on up, give up picking around applause. And also joining us is Maggie. She is from otros dreams and all that also Chawla house. Welcome to this stage. Georgia house house. And we are so excited because that's how we roll on in the thick in Mexico City where we are coming back where sure we gotta do this again because we just love transfer this audience, we love our Mexico City on its, and we also love the fact that we have live illustrations. Her name is mighty Malta. She's a super talented illustrator. Mighty Lawrence O contain us by Motaung. She's going to be life illustrating the conversation. So give Give it it up. up. We're gonna share her wonderful art on social media in the thick show down the road. But give it up. Thank you. Thank you my. So, you know, what's interesting who you're is that I got here to Mexico City a couple of days ago because we are reporting for let the USA we're doing a story about the reality of people who have been deported and what's happening to their lives here. And when I stopped people on the street to say in Spanish kid. Yes. In the ninety s you the other Gary recital? They would immediately say, well, you know, they're decent people. And I know that they're just looking for work. And I know that they don't really plan on staying here. And I would be like, oh, you think I'm asking you about the migrant caravan asking you about people who have been deported or compromise dates back and for them. It was like a they conflicted the two things the truth is is that Mexico right now is dealing with the reality that there are about seven thousand seven thousand five hundred people who have come from on Dudas searching for refuge in the United States. Of course, Trump is saying all kinds of insane crazy wacky probably tweeting something right now that he's just don't pay attention anymore. He's just an American president who's insane. Sadly, especially on the immigration being in Mexico. Oh, the future foreign minister of Mexico, but he said that these people have to be stopped, but unless Monroe locus over on the other hand the future president is saying possible work visas, so it's a little bit strange. There's also been a kind of nationalism coming up in Mexico and at the same time a lot of beautiful effort protests where I attended a protest a small gathering in front of the American embassy of just yesterday. Right. And then the the history of Latin thrown as people that like give charitable work. That that are trying to help migrants with the journey. That's also happening and there have been beautiful images of Mexican people making food for migrants, you just making sure that they're okay. So you've been working on these immigration issues for years in the context of right now with the caravan or just in general under the Trump administration. And may he go and changing to new president? What's the pulse here in Mexico right now actally lake this caravan is just like the reflects of reality what happened every day? So we see even more because of the carbon and because of Trump and all these condo. But the reality we are at transit country. We also export migrants..

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