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Adult but You know you. You can't say oh you stupid idiot. Her you're fat or Your you know whatever it is to try to motivate them because that's that's just going to drag them down and And it's former manipulation to exactly an where where I've heard it said that it takes one positive word. Are I love you to counterbalance. Tin Negative so I think in our Sunday daily frustration. We have to stop ourselves and evaluate. Are we using our words? Positively to evoke that change. We WanNa see our are we you know. Yeah I mean I mean especially in this time. We're we're home schooling and everybody's home schooling. You know it's something that we were. Kinda used to because that's what we did for a long time but I'm sure for many parents who has had to do this. That it can be a cause and a source of frustration and can easily turn into you know arguments or or those sorts of things inside so you know just talking about manipulation for a second that manipulations not always a bad thing. Lots of Times. It is and lots of in lots of ways that happens it is in so we really have to test our motives in those situations but but to to push someone to do. Something good is top of manipulation and that's okay Long as the motive is pure and as long as the action is pure but lots of times. It's not I think that phrase Where Jesus said to the procedure. Brutal Vipers and kind of shocking. But if I look at it like I don't think he was saying you idiot are but he was saying. You're acting this way and you're not supposed to. That's not who you are so in that way we can. We can motivate if we call something out. You know. There's one thing to call someone stupid. There's one another thing to say. You're being stupid to a huge difference com online social media atmosphere. We're seeing now too. Yeah Yeah so tu into you. Know Jesus there in south when you call him a Breeder Vipers. I mean he is telling the truth about them And he is trying to get them to understand who they are and so you can see out of a moment probably of frustration but out of a moment of truth tailing and so. There's sometimes we need to be told how are acting so that maybe we can. We can change that and said that kind of the I mean who who are people around us that could could help us with With crating our actions. Because you know the truth is we all need cal ability. We all need someone that's GonNa tell us the truth and say d. Did you hear how that came out? Do you know how that sounded to them? Are you know? Maybe he didn't hear the way you said that I know you do that for me. And it's hard to do and on the one hand it's hard versus self evaluate because we have a lot of pride to to admit things about ourselves but then they say that to to someone else and to help them or at least be someone that you trust I mean you know we. We've always kind of taught our children to to tell us how they feel even when we're even when we're disciplined them. I mean because if we're making them feel like if we're making them feel stupid for making them feel bad in the way that we're disciplining them then that's not the way we want them to feel. The way he wanted them to feel is is to fill you know an understanding that what they did was wrong and how they can correct that and so I think a you know a good way to do that though is is to have someone who you're accountable to someone that you can say. I look I need you to call me out on this stuff and you may need two or three people from that. You might need someone at work. You may need someone at home and and so. I mean it may be you know a variety of people that can say hey. I don't think you heard how that Alad sounded in. It's really important to have that. It's also tough to have that. It's tough to have someone call you out and tell you when you're not doing something or when you've done something you really shouldn't have done or said something he shouldn't have said it's hard to hear that and so Just finding someone that you trust in the ability to be vulnerable with them and allow that happened. It's not to. Our pride is hard to be able to say that to admit that not defend ourselves. Not say well. You didn't understand it this way. Because they're just trying to tell you how it sounded. What how you meant the way you said it may not may not come out the way you meant it so So I hope I hope this helps. I hope this is something. That's helpful for us. Always helpful for asked the top things out to to hear you know what we're what we're saying to be very careful about that stuff so So until next week have a great week. And we'll talk to you soon. Watch your words..

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