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Thirty. K N, S, S news at two o'clock. I'm Ted Woodward currently in Wichita partly sunny, eighty seven degrees, we're looking for a forecast. Hi today. Ninety the Kansas state university police department has arrested a suspect this in connection with the shots fired incident that took place on may ninth at the chaos you foundation. The suspect is currently detained at the Riley county jail on charges of attempted first degree murder aggravated assault criminal damage to property and criminal discharge of a firearm police determined that. The individuals involved in this incident are in no way connected to the university that incident on may ninth began on the east side of Manhattan off campus and then continued into a parking lot north of the ks you foundation building where the shots were fired. There were no injuries. A Florida charter captain facing charges for allegedly holding a group of passengers. As hostage. It was supposed to be a relaxing daytime fishing trip in the waters off the coast of Sarasota. Florida. It turned out to be anything, but for a group of fathers and sons is passenger describing the twelve hour ordeal helpless out of control, and in fear of my life. He and other say, captain, Mark Bailey was drinking and doing drugs before brandishing. A gun and opening fire. We look up in the captain shooting, just above our heads Bailey allegedly threatened to kill those on the boat and toss their bodies overboard, did not make good on that threat and eventually returned to shore where police were waiting to make the arrest. Tom Graham, Fox News years after getting into a near fatal car accident actor, Tracy Morgan had a rough ride in some bad, timing in New York City today, it was a rough day in Manhattan on Tuesday for the last oh, gee star, Tracy Morgan as he had just bought a brand new car, and about fifteen minutes later ended up getting into a car, crash, and the worst part, it was a two thousand twelve Bugatti that is worth upwards of. Two million dollars. No word yet on whose fault it is. But TMZ is reporting that it appears an SUV was trying to make a right hand. Turn when it swiped Tracy's per Gotti, videos, Tracy clearly, aggravated getting out of his car and yelling at the other driver later on Tracy Morgan tweeted out that quote, he was fine. However, we would have to see if his new car is Michael Fox News. Tracy Morgan survived a car crash five years ago when a WalMart tractor trailer crashed into.

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