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It's everything you need to live your most comfortable life, David you made great point, obviously I got very excited about the towels, because there are a new product for Brooklyn and in that excitement I changed my name to see Hamas towel. Point Out Brooklyn and is not just a towel company and I feel like my name is not paying fair credit to the rest of their product, so I want to announce here formally that. My name once again. Okay. To sheet Hamas towel. Wish you luck in all future endeavors once again. My name is sheet Hamas. Towel and I love Brooklyn in. A couple of things I want to say one. I guess I'm trying to think we'll. We'll have come out by the time. I think it'll have come out. But NETFLIX's has a eurovision movie. Yes directed by David Dobkin. Director of the judge is I, believe coming out the day this releases or somewhere when Rachel McAdams yes in peers from Rosin and I hear that that movie completely rules like everyone is doing how good it is. Yes, I'm so excited. I Love Eurovision like. Serious film critics that I know have watched their screener multiple times. Wow! Someone told me it made them cry like. Being like it's funny. I was ready for that to be a calamity. Maybe it's also being everyone stir-crazy on. That one is good, but it does. That one looks more like a Holmes and Watson where you're like well, this is probably going to be something we just ignore. Holmes and Watson came out. I was a writing for entertainment weekly. They did not have any. Press screenings I'm sorry. We're just GONNA have to take another take of that. Can you say that again very quickly? Sure when Holmes and Watson came out, I was. Oh No I'm sorry. I was I was I was overeager. Let's take okay okay. When Holmes and Watson came out. I was a writing entertainment weekly. Ben Keeping all three cups. And I. There were no press screenings for that film which. I had to write a review for and I believe. I was assigned that that movie because it came out on Christmas Day and they knew that as a Jewish person with no family in Los Angeles. They're like well. Dana has nothing else to do so at ten in the morning I went to loan to the grow to see Holmes and Watson alone on Christmas Day and it was. I, think probably the worst Christmas I've ever had. Holmes and Watson. They don't have a clue. As I was leaving the theater I overheard two stranger say that movie was fucking off all. To people who voluntarily saw that movie at Ten am on Christmas Day presumably because they didn't have to review it somewhere, people were vicious about that movie. I mean it was the worst reviewed movie that year won the Razzie for Best Picture and best director. Like was right. Yes, I'm sorry. But, that's that's another thing is like okay, so he has this period where it's like the McKay directed. Movies are the highs that then you have like blades of glory will do well in this and that, and then it's the point where McKay is. Wait a second I want to be very serious, and not only does. He stopped directing comedies, but he also stops developing them and producing them with Pharrell, he's so much more in like the succession lane, and they've now dissolved Gary Sanchez. That's when Farrell is really like now. We're into. Get Hard territory to Daddy's Holmes. And Watson. How much do you think it broke? Will Ferrell's heart that he wasn't w and vice. Man. I wonder I wonder if that was a conversation where they were like, we can't do that. Yeah, I wonder it would. Break the movie. The movie but. What would I care? And I would like to see McKay figure out how to use him in a McCain movie. I look anchorman. Two is what I saw at once, and I have not revisited in a couple of people have been like. Check it out again. There's something there and I've been like we'll see I haven't really gone back to that. My take on that movie is that's a movie made by someone who doesn't want to be making comedies anymore. Yeah, I sort of agree right there. And what's funny stuff? There is because you have these twenty actors, and they're doing their individual bits in it. The best performance in that movie comedic -Ly Greg Career Hilton can you. Can hear. In your head Oh. This is a very pro career podcast, but like post anchorman two hits are the lego movie and the daddies homes yeah. Like the Lego movie I think he's actually, he's really wonderful in that, but like obviously that's put both to live action and the voice over. I think he is incredibly good net in the second one. He's a cameo. In the second one barely, but and the daddies homes are I mean even people have tried to talk to. Those and I've tried to find them I. I can't watch the second one I'm not fully defending them. I think there's stuff in the first one that is incredibly strange and interest at him in Walberg are very funny in the other. It's not like they are not. A good team I'm not arguing fine second one. Hey Look I have not watched the second one I can't deal with the second one I refuse to deal with the second one. John Lithgow revealing the trailer, one of the great moments of comedy, but I'm not watching that fucking moves the first one has some good bits in it. It's not a good movie. It has some good bits, and let's just pull back because I. DO I think feral figure it out. He'll do something else like I. Don't know. Maybe he'll make a movie of McKay again. Maybe Hill. Maybe, Eurovision Windsor picture maybe. Maybe series with Paul Rudd I don't know. Vision this perfect. He'll probably do a funny voice and be like a big character was wearing leg. Yes, that great I think it's what people want out of. One hundred. That's what I want out of him I don't want him to do is silly voice and make me laugh and sing a song and being accommodate. Guess. Winched yeah. Okay can I ask switched? Speed around through this. Okay, so the movie is set up. In the nineties. Okay, this is when they're sort of this feeding frenzy for like fifteen years on the shows that are in syndication needs to be made into movies you they animated. They live action. Sitcom dramatic like everything's getting fucking turned into a movie like addams family fugitive Brady Bunch. The jetsons movie like all these sixties, seventies fifties TV shows are getting regurgitated, and it's just like peak syndication reruns cable. You have these shows that now three generations have lived with and from Hollywood. That's like dollar signs in the is. Exactly I think that's brand recognition, one hundred percent, and just the existence of cable TV, and like you say reruns has raised burned these things into the collective consciousness whether or not you've even seen them. Right. Like you know what's crazy, one that I think about the George of the jungle movie coming out in the nineties and us being like Oh. Yeah, George of the jungle movie I know George of the jungle joy I know the song that's true. The Sun had less than fifteen episodes in total. It had one season that ran in the seventies and twenty years later. We still knew it deeply because there was not enough original programming for children that those twelve episodes were still being replayed at Infineon, and then following the brandon frazier thing he wasn't a Dudley. Do Right Levy. Jammed that. was them going too far. We can do anything. Segment from rocky and Boeing yeah, but think about it this way as like an equivalent. If you were to tomorrow, announce a live action, a reels monsters movie that would be pitched at nineties, kid nostalgia. Nothing. But, that's my point. We would be into it right. I guess we're ready. To a six year old, no, you're right because things have grown more diffuse than there's not like. Culture, right, but hey, Gimme. That are real monsters. Come on, come on, so. Of Live Action Rocket Power I, want to see people surf waves that are the size of skyscraper I am. All of these, but it's very much the point that the things don't have the same sort of meaning I do think now we're seeing friends and the office hit a level that we like viewed happy days at when we were young and watching like nick at night, you know..

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