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Anti nuclear campaign made us all too ready to dismiss it. Almost everything that I thought was true about nuclear energy turned out not to be true with the transition away from fossil fuels. Nuclear may yet provide a solution to bridge the clean energy gap. Nuclear needs to be part of that conversation. So today we're asking, do we need to build more nuclear power stations to help deal with climate change? The inquiry starts after the news. Hello. I'm Justin Green with the BBC news finance ministers from the G seven major developed economies a continuing discussions in London over proposals for the reform of corporate taxation. Reported to be confident that they can reach an agreement on a minimum rate and on taxing big technology companies, Andrew Walker reports. The G seven appeared to be moving towards an agreement which the German Finance Minister Olaf Schultz told the BBC would really change the world trying to agree arrangements that would ensure big technology companies pay more tax where they users are based. They're also wrestling with the idea of a minimum rate for corporate taxes on all types of business. The U. S has proposed 15%, which some regard is too low. There are also outstanding details about any technology tax, including the transition to it. An agreement among the G seven would provide new momentum to negotiations involving much wider groups of countries where the key decisions will be taken. Authorities in the Indian capital have announced partial lifting of Covid restrictions, weeks after Delhi suffered a devastating second wave of the virus Embarrassing. Natarajan has the details. They want the malls and markets to open on alternative. You know, for example, in a shopping mall in 50% of the shops will open on today and the next day, the next 50% will will be open. At the same time. The Metro the planes will also be allowed again with the 50% capacity and private offices and government offices with half The usual number of staff members. So what they're trying to do is to see how it is working out because they did in post lockdown a few months ago during the first wave, and they lifted and then again, the second wave hit them really hard. The number of daily coronavirus infections in Delhi has fallen from a peak of 28,000 to around 500. Telecom operators in Nigeria say they've complied with the government's request to suspend access to Twitter. The move comes after the information ministers said that the ban was due to the persistent use of the platform for activities capable of undermining the state. Two days ago, opposed by President Muhammadu Buhari, threatening to punish regional secessionists was removed by Twitter for breaking the company's abusive behavior rules. Money. Jones reports Nigerians on some of the country's main mobile networks are currently unable to access Twitter. The platform is still available on WiFi and the hashtag. Thank God for VPN has been trending, suggesting many users have turned to virtual private networks to circumvent the ban. Telecommunication companies operating in Nigeria seen a statement that if compliant of a government request to suspend access to Twitter, but add that they endorse the US position that all people have the right to communicate freely. The government says it banned Twitter because it's been used for quote activities capable of undermining Nigeria's corporate existence. You're listening to the latest world News from the BBC. The Indian government has issued a final notice to Twitter to comply with its new information technology rules, which aim to make social media firms more accountable to legal requests for the removal of posts. The microblogging site has been battling with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government for months, with the administration asking the company on multiple occasions to take down posts critical of its record. The leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yasha Sin Wa has claimed that Israel failed to eliminate the network of its tunnels during the conflict last month, his Sebastian ASHA, this has been another speech claiming victory from Yayasan Watch as he itemized ways in which he said Israel's military objectives have been foiled. He said that less than 3% of a huge network of tunnels that Hamas is constructed were destroyed. That's certainly at odds with Israel's assertion that its airstrikes caused unprecedented damage to the Palestinian faction that controls Gaza. Mr Symbol, described the latest round of fighting as a rehearsal in which Hamas had been able to test its military capabilities. He said the movement had emerged stronger from the conflict. Earning the right to demand the restructuring of the P L O, which he described as nothing more than a talking shop without the participation of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other factions. Gunmen have killed a local politician in Mexico two days before regional elections are due to be held. Reports from the state of Vera Cruz say Rene Tovar, a Merrill candidate in the northern town of Cortona, D'hara was shot at his home during the night. Reports from Myanmar's At least three people have been killed in clashes between local people and the military in the Iowa D Delta region. The accounts say explosives were detonated when the army tried to arrest a man in the southern town on pure during the night and that soldiers shot three people during the violence that followed. That's the latest BBC news. Welcome to the inquiry with me. Tanya Beckett. One question for expert witnesses and an answer. In November, Britain will host the next UN climate change conference, otherwise known as cop 26, Some 200 countries will come together to try to speed up attempts to make the world carbon neutral. By the middle of the century. But many countries are already struggling to ramp up renewable energy sufficiently to meet their greenhouse emission reduction targets. So is there. Another answer out there around 1/10 of the world's electricity is generated by nuclear reactors. Global.

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