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The word from doug early the politics the dark horse poon jump to the front and this is what is good well here's the thing normally it's been a quarterback but when a quarterback rules fifty two has done an eight peak fifty five and ten 45 bore yeah he's gonna wait it was special about thirty at eight the team is so bad if the media a football team and he took him to the number one we will go on twelve lasted nobody's going to go judge have sharply like to win the super bowl they have no duty unbia sadago done girlie dernley you lawyer answer your dandruff early we go do bandwagon when will will union union new england patriots anyone's who go over a long learning if you're dealt with by got a would impede they had been got no choice yeah i mean great really fifth daily up on me daniela opulent bedroom in the playoffs last year really how less railing the other man man long we've given was inability to keep it in go to the militaires ab last year they would experts say your quarterback right now take some more your quarterback quarterback thanks listening to the undisputed podcast i'm joy taylor will catch you again same time monday morning at nine thirty eastern a great weekend one of learn of of learn.

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