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The year Smart speaker just a plain 95.5 WSB or the WSB radio app. Tony Thomas is on scene of that I 16 road closure heading out to Savannah and Tybee Island. He's going to join us in 30 minutes with a firsthand account. Of what's going on there. But what do we do? Every time every Tuesday and Thursday? At this time, I'm trying to say yes, right. Harper Place for the feeling with little so he is the guru. He suits they are the true seeker. The Askar of unanswerable questions. He joined us every Tuesday and Thursday. The market, um, show He is little Sanjay. And would you rather how are you, Sanjay? I'm doing well, man. I got a haircut. Trim my beard. I'm looking fresh, looking forward to the rest of this summer break. So Sandri's beard's grown out. Longoria, is this the longest your beard has ever been, son? No, no, no. Sometime last year during Covid. It was I was actually a little bit embarrassed about it. So do you lose clients with that beard? Do people say, you know, I don't want this guy doing my taxes? A good question. You know, I don't see a lot of clients. I mean, We? We community. Yeah, Actually, most of the time. I did have a meeting with a new client weeks ago, and I thought about it and, uh, you know, I think things working out Okay. As your business manager, I say you go to your advantage. Barbershops. Let him treating that thing up for you. And, uh, I think I'll be better for your bottom line. Anyway. Sanjay is better at would you rather than he is it accounting. He is going to ask us unanswerable questions. We're going to answer in studio. I would love for you to play along in your car. What's the first question tonight, Sanjay? First of all, you got that backwards? I'm better to counting that. Would you Rathers, but number all right Number one, would you rather have infinite money or infinite luck? Wow. You're asking a poker player that question first off son of a gun. Well, I guess if I have infinite money doesn't matter from lucky at the poker table, so give me infinite money. Infinite, infinite money, Debra Green, Infinite money or Infinite luck Trying to think of what I need to be lucky for, Like, what would I use the advantage? Like if you were lucky that dude that hit you in your car? He wouldn't hit you. He would've hit someone else. Find him. Yeah, I will know if I have money. I'll just go buy a new car. All right. So you're taking the money? Loti Chuck, who's pretty much got it in unlimited. Uh, allowance from his hot neighbor wife. She likes you. Yeah. You want infinite money or infinite luck? Short of avoiding some sort of like unforeseen accidents. It's like, uh, I gotta go with the sure bet and go with them. Get the money. Get the money, honey. It can. It can solve a lot of pills. Longoria, the stoic one. Yeah, I'm gonna go in for the benefit of my alright. So we got unanimous there, Sanjay. Surprising, but not surprised. Right Number two. Did you think any of us would pick infinitely? I mean, you know, infinite look, Maybe if I reword that with like, uh, infinite money or terrible, bad luck. Oh, yes. Probably be you guys might you have limited money, But you have bad luck all the time Wrecked. Correct. Yeah, that way. Yeah. Put that in your files for six months from now, when we forget about this question, all right. Next question Size week number two. Would you rather travel forward 50 years or travel backwards? 50 years? Do the math from me, Debra 50 years ago was 19. 70 1971, so pre my existence What was going on in 71. Now the seventies man, it was love. No, no, it was the sixties. Yeah, You missed that. But I just I'm scared for the future. I'm not going to lie to you. I'll go back in 1971. I'll do the Marty McFly with the Sports Almanac, and I'll bet you know who's going to win the 75 World Series. I bet heavy on the reds, etcetera, so I'll go back. 50 years asked Debra who the president was in 1971. I'm curious..

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