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So is this couple Gucci city hall this call hello I'm here to meet the mayor of cal gidgee Nobu oaken Okey and I'm escorted by a translator so how should I address them still still still the city tracks immigrants with it's cheaper rents and lots of jobs in demolition and health care Japanese language skills not required so my CD coated the whole bottle kill they are okay no king insisted I call cal Gucci hobo Tokyo which means almost Tokyo he says about six percent of the population thirty five thousand people here are immigrants that's extraordinarily high for Japan an island country that's restricted immigration for centuries the new one the somber manually Cisco Gucci has many immigrants seeking asylum from persecution particularly about a thousand Kurds who fled Turkey but Japan hands out refugee status the less than one percent of applicants so many live without documentation or requires a legal status to you there so that's where mayor okay no key comes in he funds education for children without papers including free after school Japanese lessons and he spends about six million dollars a year in city funds on health insurance for immigrants who can join the national insurance program those into death will dole's it's pragmatic politics the mayor says companies in his town are facing a severe labor shortage like the rest of Japan they need immigrant workers of course this is not without controversy the mayor hears complaints about immigrants who for example don't follow the country's intricate garbage disposal roles where is the rules on how to sort and dispose of household garbage I kao Gucci's multicultural coexistence subsection you'll find flyers in several languages with advice on Japanese life like how to separate your recycling and there's another flyer called friendship news plus info on civic events anything to help acclimate newcomers but there's also this pamphlets made to look like passports that advise Japanese on how to help and understand and be friends with immigrants because the income of the team they have in many many different countries friends there it leaving here Jim well why he's the coordinator for international relations and cow with Yuji we wanted to own a Japanese people and their stand how they can leaving better with a four inch people one explain that one way to live better with foreigners is to tell them to lower their voices the complaint that immigrants in cal Gucci hang out in large groups disturbing the quiet of Japanese life is common so this passport tells Japanese had to say please keep quiet in a variety of languages one is originally from China and she used to live in the United States which she sees as a model for a multicultural Japan in the stated many people say use their own language and is a you can keep as their own culture yeah I'm saying right now weekend two eight also in Japan but such talk of a diverse Japanese future meta harsher reality when I visited a Kurdish family in cal Gucci for dinner one night we ate out an ornate blanket on the floor Kurdish style next each plate with chopsticks Japanese style the family asked me not to use their real names they're seeking asylum from Turkey where they say they'd face possible persecution and mandatory military conscription if they return they were repeatedly denied refugee status by the Japanese government but they're continuing to appeal the patriarch of the family the uncle is the only one with a long term visa no Kurds of ever gotten the silo in Japan are you hopeful that your family to be able to stay here zero zero I've got no faith in them none it doesn't matter that you lived here for two decades no matter that you have no parking tickets no matter that you caused absolutely no trouble no matter his nephew was nineteen smiling he asked to be called Johnny Depp for this story Johnny Depp wants to be the first Kurd to win refugee status in Japan to create a precedent for his little siblings and other asylum seekers he's spent thirteen years most of his life here his sister was born here he learned to speak the language playing baseball with classmates he's become Japanese and US senator that young like you say with a level we've become quieter tackling the Japanese people like at the supermarket or restaurant or even at home we talked in low voices after dinner Johnny sat on the couch next to his girlfriend their bare feet lightly touching she's from Vietnam they've been together six years met in high school and college G. less don't make people us her father recently gave them permission to marry but there's almost no chance of that happening anytime soon in Japan Tatian looms of Johnny loses his legal appeals his girlfriend also requested to withhold her name Olson on close the data I have seen him struggle for so long that he feels almost foolish and presumptuous to have any dreams of my own under the strict immigration roles Johnny can even leave the cover Gucci area without getting permission from immigration authorities those restrictions got him rejected from the college of his choice and he's not allowed to work legally either he won't discuss how he makes ends meet but many Kurds work off the books doing construction and demolition Congo the gates there on you know enough to deal coming from other countries choosing to live in Japan as Japanese people is more enriching to Japan and that's the sort of country I think Japan should strive for a global society a Kurdish man and a Vietnamese woman speaking Japanese eating Kurdish food with chopsticks maybe one day raising Japanese children that's the fear in Japan it might also be in the future mad Catz W. NYC news tomorrow mac concludes our unsettled series by looking at how the U. when agreement that Japan and the.

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