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All right. So now thirty and this is that I want to try to do if you listen to one of our segments. And we discuss something that is going on the active duty military in you are involved in that incident by all means reach out to us. If we get it wrong. We will bring you on the show to correct it. Because I think that's important. We have a sailor who was on the US Gerald whenever the incident happened. Can you kind of walk us through? Why this 'cause you were pretty upset man when you hopped into our when you have to the dams on Instagram, you're a little upset. Well, basically, I saw I saw this new probe that came out and Gami odyssey. Pretty fired up in not alone in feeling fired up here as a lot of friends sharing sharing the article. But a basically they they were talking more opposite is big issues. But they were really highlighting the huddles and kettlebells and trash in in the whose combat information center, but CIC for short or combat which everyone. So I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that the report really highlighted on the trash because you know, like, I said in the end, the they're it's absolutely Jewish for their own to highlight that because. To get hit by ship. That's three times is a u just kinda put into perspective DG's about five hundred feet long. So for a ship to be three times that size to to to hit you start with a little love tap. It's it's it's a pretty violent collision. So when you're inside in the other hit you what happened. While auto bit before that, you know, I was I was kinda I was working. I was waking time happened at one thirty in the morning, and you know, just do my thing. And I'm sitting there, and all of a sudden, I could feel ships, you know, speed up. You know, you hear the engines really start to kick in and we start to turn really heavily. It was really it was one of those things where gut feeling just kinda kicks in and you know, right away. I knew something was wrong before I could slowly process that feeling we just got we got nails. Not reading really get a warning that collision alarm didn't go off is just all of a sudden. Yeah. So yeah, we went to general quarters for fingers loon, general courtes-, it's battle stations. I guess so you get assigned to go to a specific spot on the ship. Whether it be into a repair locker, which is where all the damage control equipment is is hells such as firefighting gear anything to, you know, go flooding toxic gas anything of of that nature. So we immediately knew that we had to to get to how long has to get there. Whenever that that alarm that sound goes off how long do you have to get there? Well, one general quarter. Learn goes off, you know, some real shit going on. So you kinda get there as fast as again, the end 'cause you you did training and stuff in you kind of prepare for things like like, you know, I don't wanna say like that happening because nobody thinks that's going to happen. Right. But but you kinda prepare for these things, but once things actually happened. It's just drown starts kicking in everyone's running all over the place. It was really it was it was chaos at the time ensure everybody can imagine right. But we're at general quarters for see it happen at one thirty in the morning, we didn't pull back into our home for. 'cause luckily we weren't that far from our home work when it happened. So we were able to get pulled back to our home port pulled by tugboats back, but we didn't get back and still think it was like seven or eight at night. So we were actively fighting fighting the flooding for you know, almost eighteen hours but found violating whenever, sir. I've never been on a ship. Neither as conser Kate. What is it looked like whenever you're fighting? Are you like fucking Gilligan's island with buckets shit like getting off or what are you doing? Well, there will there those pumps that we have and pumps they, you know, it's not it's not meant to you know, control flooding that big. But but one thing that the that they did for us to kind of keep us his they made like a bucket brigade where we have people going down to a space in crystalline when all down couple decks below and just toss buckets..

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