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15 and 45 brought to you by your local Honda dealer. Don't settle for less than a Honda or 45. Now to rob would fork All right, Christopher. We are still in a holding pattern at the Daytona 500 was first stop by of 16 car pile up and then by lightning as NASCAR's biggest race remains in a weather delay. Pole sitter Alex Bowman was hit by Eric L. Merola on the 15th lap that sent more than a dozen cars spinning into the mud. Kurt Busch Martin Truex Jr. Among those in the rack in bubble Wallace toward the back of the pack. He was not involved in the crash because he twice failed inspection before the race. So he was not near the front of the pack, where all those cars were damaged the capital's defense that's damaged again struggling in Pittsburgh. As the Penguins holding 4 to 2 lead now in the second period, Jacob Rana Afghani Kuznetsov, each with goals for the Capitals, But Bryan Rust has twice scored on V Tech Havana check for the pens the wizard's cruise to a 104 91 win over the Boston Celtics to snap a two game slide. The Wiz shot only 36% from the floor, but they also gave up the fewest points they've allowed in a game this season. Coach Scott Brooks were touching him up being physical. We impacted the game. We didn't shoot the ball well. We've been harping on things. You don't have to shoot the ball well to stay competitive. I thought we were active on the defensive end, Garrison and mole. I thought they did a great job of guarding their man playing, talking, communicating fighting through. Playing with toughness. I thought that was a big part of our win. Next up for the Wiz. The Houston Rockets in John Wall's first game back a capital, One arena busy day from Maryland basketball begins in Mere minutes is the ninth race women take on Nebraska, with coach Brenda Freeze knocking on history's door? A victory would be milestone win number 500 that would be a new school record. The men's team host Minnesota tonight in seven at seven in search of 1/6 straight win in Syria's with the Golden Gophers. In fact, the Terps won the last five meetings by an average of 10 points. Would fork w t o p Sports Rob Thanks coming up after traffic and whether it turns out, even young people can suffer from heart problems after becoming infected with a Corona virus. It's 4 47. Here's Maria Country, the regional vice president. It's end desk on the discussion, improving the digital customer experience in government sponsored by Zendesk. When you're talking about servicing your constituent base, look at things like customer satisfaction, right and trying to gauge how satisfied are they how quickly or you're responding to them. The response time for particular issue or Or what percentage is your first touch resolution, So somebody contact you and the first time they contact you to get the answer, which is the Holy Grail of what everybody wants. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network. Government organizations rely on sand as to deliver the best possible constituent and employees were experiences. Zendesk helps government organizations provide customer service at any scale. Zendesk easy to use. Secure customer service platform.

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