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I think the pre-draft has become really sophisticated a lot of ways in terms of the preparation and the strategy the strategy that teams put into it but your job job as a workout guy as a trainer for an agent is to put the player in the best possible light and so in those workouts like you said you didn't want Russell. Westbrook broke out shooting a lot of jump shots. It wasn't a strength he differentiate himself. What does that lettuce way attacked the basket and that's always the push and pull right of predrag because you say you have. Pat Riley and Danny Aines and Sam Prestige in Buford and Jay was Jerry West and they come in the gym. They WANNA see weaknesses. They know Oh what a guy does well. That's obvious everybody they're trying to figure out where are the holes because they're trying to compare them to other people other players and your job is simply. Do do not show any of it and so like there's a push poll in the gym of Rob. Can you please show us. This and you're like you got. The Agent Cohen no right yeah. That's the biggest thing with me and the project process. You're really working for the Asian. You know the agent and the prejudge processes the one. That's actually employing not the player to player that had a paycheck. Get right so I. I'm working for the agent. I had to go on what the agent says. I think a lot of these how picks a big thing is no contact not only not playing with other players but also with me. Just let's just no contact. You know one zero kind of thing they call it. that's kind of what. I had to do so yet but jerry what's comes up to you and says hey can you do this and I got to say. No you want to do but I also want to keep my at my job so there's definitely strategy behind it. Not only for the you know me as a trainer but also you know as the Asian to protect your player as much as you can. What's The angriest you've ever seen a because sometimes it's not a group of GM's one guy coming through or a coach coming through. What was the most pissed off. You remember anybody where they just felt like. Hey I didn't fly all the way out here for this. I WANNA see that I want to say piss off but actually after that big rube workout workout of those seven hundred fifty picks for for some at the time and they had to be with is that it'd be on the fifty people and it was ridiculous again because we have the lottery and the funny thing is haven't had the lottery aren't did. He was controlling their whole draft. You know so people were really want to know what went on Jin that day because the download set the four if you think someone's going somewhere right so have to work out. Brooke and Robin worked out together again no contact. I'll never forget it. Ten minutes late after work at Pat Riley comes up to me and he says Oh man there's some good stuff and it was it was more than flattering he goes but let me do some stuff with them and he just walks on the court and I I know he's in that banging where Brooklyn in passionated. Tell the truth. Jump shot foul and I'm like Oh no yeah but I don't know what I'm GonNa kick rally especially in. La That's kind of what happened. There was only ten fifteen day but before you know he was out there sweating with them so so it was kind of funny but I'm just going to let them be but it yeah and and you know that group and then the draft comes and it's a draft that really really set a a lot of things in the motion in the League in the next you know over that next decade plus since then the other year that to me is really interesting. He is the two thousand ten free agency. Derrick rose is the reigning. MVP in the League he's coming off of no he was one year away from the MVP he was about to be he w- he was an MVP in two thousand ten eleven right but certainly had taken the League by storm Chicago was a contender with him and the thought was hey whether it was dwayne wade coming back to Chicago or Lebron joining him in Chicago. You know the whole talk of what happened in Miami until the end. There was a lot of discussion about it in Chicago. You're in the gym that summer with Rose every day and so I know whether it was management agents. Hey Do you you wanna get on the phone with these guys. Like what do you remember about the dominoes falling because a lot of it did center around Derek. That's summer of course I mean listen. We all know Derek is very humble. Saw Spokane guy no social media you know it kind of keeps to himself and when he wants to work he just wants to work and in Chicago when this whole free offers going on July and working with the facility when they're back in the suburbs there and get who was but someone in Management came down biscuit why we're like doing form shooting and a derrick income over for second you know this is the Brown was taken interviews and I think they're about to fly out to see him the next day awesome yeah and and he came back to me what they said was that all about milita they want me to go. You know help recruit Lebron and see GonNa go this. Hell No. I'm not going you know it wasn't of course he wanted. Lebron was only that it's just I'm here. You WanNA play. Let let's do this together but I don't need to go over crew on another man of complete with me and just he just didn't WanNa do it. Management Odyssey did one hundred do it. Dirk accused ago in you know ended up going his thing was I'm here. You know me you can call me. You can facing whenever you want to do of course I wanNA play with you but I'm not GonNa go to capital flight deck someone to complaint with me. This is the way it is in this way. Derek is and I was with them and you've been around rob not only the pre draft workouts and like you said then as the players get into the league. Thank you continue year round where you go spend a week or ten days with a player during the season and then go bounce and see another and the relationships built over time time but another place you were around a lot of was USA basketball time you know Jim Boeheim was on and Mike Hopkins whose at Washington now they were on my shefty shefty staff and for a lot of the players you were there trainer and so you're around it could you imagine the teaming up that came and a lot of emanated and was born worn around the time they spent with USA basketball. Could you see that coming in the time you were there. Did you imagine that that's what those relationships were going to turn into the relationship ship building that led to the Super Teams Yeah you could definitely see the camaraderie these guys in friendships and listen you know these guys want interest together for like the Olympics Starting Vegas and their first day for the next six weeks across the world on the planes together and they'll tell together other going out together every night in Vegas and then all the pre-olympic stuff around the country so you've definitely see the Camaraderie building over time and you'll see maybe a couple of like you know three guys going off on their own these other guys off in their own. You could see a kind of building now that I think will lead to what's happening. I only know I can't say I it did but the Olympics definitely definitely run on that had a lot to deal with it. You know and maybe plan together a I'm a free agent in the year. How about you do this kind of deal. We'll both be freed us at the same time and I I can see that definitely the book is his network training the NBA's best and finding the keys the greatness with trainer Rob mcclanahan books available this week at bookstores everywhere. You can obviously go online and get it. It's it's publish buy scrivner it is a great read for NBA fans for I think really for people who care about basketball at all levels and one thing rob and listen people will bring you in and you'll work with people's kids you're not with an NBA player or prospect all the time and there's people who will pay you. Some people have relationships with you help or I want to just fly down for a week and workout. It's become a- industry for you. Rob mcclanahan for others you you can make a living at this. There's not many who make living at this and you were one of the first who was able to build a trust with players and be with them throughout their career and and then keep working out younger guys as they come through. What is the industry though changed around young people like the expectations. There's parents parents have that somehow. You could come in because you work with. NBA Players and Sprinkle some magic rob mcclanahan Dustin. You know little johnny somewhere can become a pro. What what do you see at that parents that grassroots level now that that may be has been spawned through the industry of of you being with pros and thinking of getting you access to their kids going to transform them is definitely a lot of parents that approach me thinking ankle because I've worked with these these players in MVP's. What have you then. I can turn that came into the same right so the first thing I am just honest with them. Straight up listen. I mean value. We can go from there but I also think a lot more parents now are doing less camps in like the big college can't that they spend more more money on private sessions and clinics across all sports really fascinating to me because I would love to have that when I was a kid that one on one attention from a trainer you know some of the the NBA players right but I talk about in my book I mean my workouts aren't really different than NBA players to kids. It's somewhat the same workout yeah. I don't know I don't know gets as one hundred cones out there and a bunch of stuff. That's kind of just all game stuff so that's why I can do kind of both and it's really worked for me. You know I I really hold accountable. It's a big thing kids with. NBA guys. I don't want is late. Cheated not like all stars. I tried to bring a different different approach. You know I think a lot of these guys their whole life growing up the hill up people that just yes men and I try to bring that listen. I'm not going to be that guy you know. Nine o'clock means a forty five and I think they liked you would think maybe looked like you were walking to Syracuse but it's the opposite they actually want. Someone told them accountable when you go through the Steph currys the Kevin Durant Nance the Kevin Love's the derrick rose's. What's the common thread in the gym with all of these guys. Is there a common thread threader to that weaves through all the great ones because you're getting them very often and the off season when no one's watching and the gyms empty and it's just are you coming in the work or not I mean those guys named are prime examples. You know obviously and then Russell and John and just guys that those guys are never miss workouts number one. I mean those guys sometimes in the beginning especially I had to turn down. You know rather than upping always wanted. You always want to turn it on guy down but still I had to tell guys. Please take days aw please take a day off and Russell's a good example of I better take Sunday's off and finally the ticket Sunday off in about two o'clock that day. Get a call from a guy..

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