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Kevin or we told him that he couldn't risk further injury or whatever somebody might say, there have been lawsuits down through the years with Dick Button. Casse with the Chicago Bears. Bill, Walton with the Portland trailblazers you know, they were lied to now I'm not accusing that with Golden State's medical staff. I don't know them. I can only tell you what I told you last hour, I was told they are as thorough, as any medical staff as cautious as any medical staff in sports. So I will take that person at their word when they were telling me that on the show. But Kevin Durant is down. Best case scenario. He's not playing in the finals worst case scenario. He's not going to be playing for nine or ten months and players. Don't really come back from this achilles. Kobe had it late in his career. Boogie cousins still trying to prove that he can be a twenty five thirteen kinda guy. I had the micro fracture surgery where they drill holes in your knee, and they tried to get blood flow to see if you can grow cartilage again. Guys never come back from that really really rare. I was just trying to do it to be able to have a normal life. They were getting holes drilled into their knees. And then they were tried to see if there was blood, I had a what's called a disease knee was dead knee, and there was no blood in there and I couldn't grow cartilage in there, but this is a situation with the achilles. You know, our medical technology. We haven't improved anything. It's, it's nine to ten months, probably that he's going to sit down, how that affects free agency. Not quite sure. But if I am the Knicks or the nets, and I get an opportunity and Katie wants to come here. Then I go after absolutely and Golden State. We're gonna find out how much do you love him? Do you want to keep them? You're going to give them a supermax deal if he decides to keep that last year of his contract, you gonna let him just rehab on your dime. And so I'm curious what Golden State does. You know, you know how philanthropic and dubious they going to be with this injury with Kevin Durant. I big Papi who shot in the Dominican Republic has returned to Boston as the Red Sox had their playing doctors fly down, and they got him and brought him back. And he will be recovering in a Boston area hospital blues in the Bruins that will be tomorrow night game, seven dot com or will be on the call will join us coming up tomorrow..

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