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Editor Len Walter morning everybody global stocks mostly higher this morning is concerns over the Turkish lira easing although, weak economic data is. Weighing on Chinese is use the three major US stock index. Futures pointing to a three tenths of a percent opening gain Asian stocks are mixed upbeat economic data giving European investors reason for some optimism Germany reported better than expected economic growth for the second quarter and the European Union statistics agency raised its growth estimate for the block Jack Allen senior European economist at capital. Economics wrote in a note somewhat looser fiscal policy particularly in Germany and Italy should provide some support to grow with over the. Next year or two European consumer and healthcare stocks advanced although shares and banks were a little bit. Weaker amid. Lingering concerns over exposure to Turkey and as your Chinese markets. Were an exception to the Generally buoyant booed after data showed fixed asset investments slowing to a nearly two decade. Low for the first seven months. Of the year retail sales value added industrial, output also fell below expectations, in Asia Japan's. Nikkei rose. Two point three percent more than retracing yesterday's losses, in currencies the Turkish lira rose four point seven percent to six point five seven against the dollar after plunging as much as ten percent. In the. Previous session meanwhile the Indian, rupee touch, a record lows against the dollar after, rebounding a little bit in a sign that investors are fleeing. Emerging market currencies elsewhere yields on the ten year treasury now two point, eight nine percent gold up ninety cents to sixty eight ten lend Walter NewsRadio seven hundred, thousand one zero, five point nine FM it's.

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