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News from WTO P 24/7 360 five Listen on air on Alexa and on the WTO Hello everybody It is four O three and we are glad you're with us on this great Tuesday April the 5th it is 55 I'm Hillary Howard I'm Sean Anderson top local story involves schools and COVID masks We have an update in the legal battle over the Virginia law that banned schools in the Commonwealth from having mask mandates Mike Morello has our story A federal judge in Virginia has denied a motion by the state which sought to have the case thrown out The lawsuit was filed by the ACLU on behalf of 12 students in this state who have weakened immune systems The judge is also allowing the fairfax county school board which supports the suit and the fairfax county parents association which is against it to weigh in on the case the school system claims the law keeps it from following the Americans with disabilities act whereas the parents association says the law protects the rights of parents when it comes to the care upbringing and education of their children a temporary injunction in March allows for the family's named in the case to ask for accommodations for their children as the case continues Mike Morello News Also knew this afternoon an update to a controversial marijuana Bill in the nation's capital A bill that would have allowed anyone 21 or older to buy medical marijuana without a doctor's prescription will not move forward The council vote was 8 to 5 D.C. imposes taxes on medical marijuana Critics say if it had passed the bill would have come at the expense of gifting shops those are stores where people bought an item and were gifted weed with the purchase There is a ban on recreational marijuana sales in the city but gifting is not technically illegal because the shops are not selling it The bill would have also allowed the city to shut down weed shops that aren't registered with the city The bill needed 9 votes for it to move forward Now to the future of the huge Montgomery county police department the county council was about to take the final vote and then decided to put it on hold as council members are taking a pause on voting for a police accountability board Who gets to make a complaint about possible police misconduct that's one of the questions the Montgomery county council members were discussing as they prepared to vote on the bill forming the police accountability board Council member will jawando favors expanding the types of complaints that could go before the board We want our police officers if they see something to say something Police chief Marcus Jones was asked about the status of police recruitment and the potential impact of the legislation People have options when we talk about recruitment to go to whatever police agency they so choose The issue will likely come up again April 19th Kate Ryan WTO P news Fairfax county police won a process crime scenes faster so they got new equipment and computers to help One is an automated ballistics evaluation that can match bullets and firearms from separate crimes Another is a rapid DNA test machine The police will be piloting this program which the ACLU finds problematic because those samples can mix with genetic material from other people So far no word on what it costs Four O 6 now this is not Fox News but we do have some breaking news about an aggressive Fox on Capitol Hill Yeah we learned just minutes ago the animal has been captured Capitol police tweeted pictures of the fox and a pet carrier A warning went out earlier about an aggressive Fox on and near capital grounds Now we don't have any reports of anybody getting hurt but we do want to tell you this If you ever encounter a fox the best move is not to approach it and a call animal control You don't have to worry about that I'm not approaching a fox I hope most people wouldn't Coming up after traffic and whether the atrocities in Ukraine bring up the serious question of how exactly Vladimir Putin may be prosecuted for war crimes It's four O 7 Capital carrying health in conjunction with the shao feld family foundation is pleased to announce a free one hour cancer paying for him occurring twice a month for patients newly diagnosed with cancer Each session.

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