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Boroughs KTLA channel five weekend. Anchor dies after being found unconscious in a motel room Glendale police received a call just after one pm from a man who said that there was a medical emergency at the days inn, motel sergeant Dan. Shuttles tells KNX when the police and fire officials arrived the man was performing CPR on Burroughs took over and gave him CPR transported to a local hostile than. Unfortunately, your words pronounced dead at hospital. Detectives are investigating the case as a possible overdose. But detectives are waiting for the LA county coroner's office determined the cause of death boroughs leaves behind his wife and nine year old daughter KTLA's president and general manager Don Corsini said our thoughts and prayers go out to the boroughs family. Chris will be remembered as a great journalist, and a wonderful friend to many Costa Mesa police looking for additional victims after arresting a man who investigators say violated three. Developmentally disabled women a man is accused of sexually assaulting the women while providing a massage service at their homes, even though he's not licensed he was taken into custody late last week. He did post bay. Also, he's out on bail Roxy with Costa Mesa. PD says detectives are still trying to build their case against the man before completely handing it over to prosecutors. We're hoping that whoever sees his picture recognizes him they contact our detectives if they believe they were a victim or have any additional information. She says detectives biggest concern right now is the fact the man also worked as a rideshare driver. She says that means he had access to a lot of people who may have also been violated Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. A woman has died of injuries were suffered in a Christmas day shooting in Inglewood officers. Arrived to find Laura's Padilla wounded on a sidewalk on Yukon avenue. She'd been running an errand to the store when she got into a struggle with the woman who wanted to steal her purse grandmother was shot in the face and died from her injuries after two days in the hospital. Investigators say the shooter wasn't a. Hispanic woman driven from the scene by a man in a black four door twenty nineteen Toyota Yaris or Cihan they've released security video of the car showing it had yellow dealership tags. Inglewood PD is conducting a homicide investigation and asking for the public's help to identify the suspect Andrew driver. Tim Rondo can extend seventy NewsRadio living in a valley Glen neighborhood are in disbelief after learning that a woman was murdered in her own apartment along with their teenage son LAPD says there was no forced entry into the apartment which could indicate the victims knew the killer. The woman's husband. Who's also the father of.

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