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Yes that nobody wants to consider that there could be more than one solution to this problem. Yes that like. Oh it's build the wall. No it's we don't need a wall In one of these articles. Oh here it is right here A rancher in lasalle county which i assume is a border county Said they're driving stolen trucks. They're running through people's fences. They're bailing out of the vehicles and he alone has spent more than sixty five hundred dollars. Repairing repeated damage to fences torn up by emigrants crossing his property to avoid captures right. So it's You know forget about the drug trafficking in human trafficking. This is a rancher you know. And he's spending having spent sixty five hundred dollars of his prophets. That are you know maybe good. Maybe not this year to fix fences that are being damaged. I don't have you know. Maybe we'll do a little separate episode on this but it really do want to talk about Very first accent investigation. I was ever involved in. I had been doing safety for only a short period of time and with really horrible accident occur. And when i went to talk to everyone a wound up Adding up total eleven different Causal factors in this one accident and this isn't to even mention little teeny tiny nitty gritty details. We could look at and every single person i talked to. It was so odd how they were just absolutely art it. This one issue was the cause. This one issue was the cause in the end. None of those eleven causal factors identified in the interviews turned out to be the actual root cause but then there were eleven different things that could have been fixed along the way. But no and i'm telling you these folks were adamant. I mean they were very passionate about. This is one he got hurt. It was involved in it needed fixed. But it was not the root cause. So i mean obviously kyle and i are not politicians know..

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