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Six forty live on the high heart out everywhere Jane wells in for Johnny can yeah we're counting down the top songs from the last decade as we say goodbye to the teens we are having told the teens we ever come of the name we don't think we ever came up with a name for the aughts that was sorry by Justin Bieber and the year was twenty sixteen later in the show Jessica Levinson from Loyola law schools going to call in and we're going to discuss sort of what may happen I with the impeachment proceedings going forward yet another Republican senator today saying she's on happy with the way Mitch McConnell's coordinating this with the White House what does it really mean doesn't really matter also if you think you're voting independent did you really do that did you really register the right way is an independent and we will discuss all that so that as the primary rolls around in March you will be ready to vote and the well I was gonna say make your vote count but in California I don't know on a presidential level your vote doesn't count it we all know how it's gonna end up still I always vote and sometimes I do Democrats sometimes about Republican I'm not taking my hand here but I do vote on the principle of it because a lot of people shed a lot of blood so that I could decide who my leaders are one other thing because it's California we have several laws kicking in tomorrow there's a law we're gonna talk about later that if you're a publicly traded company in California you have to half anywhere from one female board member on your board of directors to half your board of directors being female the lawsuits have come out about that because it's once again the government stepping in and telling everybody what to do all other laws that kicking in tomorrow which will discuss later is this new privacy law which is the strictest in the country for your online data it's a similar to what they have in Europe where starting tomorrow if you go on one of these websites like Google or well all Starbucks maybe on the main website there ought to be something that will pop up and tell you what they do with your data and give you a button right on the homepage not on the app but on the home page saying you can opt out this law was created for a Facebook and as you can probably guess Facebook says it's exempt Facebook is arguing that it doesn't really sell your information it shares your information and some Homer ridiculously it makes money we'll see how that stands up in court all but one other law that I want to talk about right now is eighty five which kicks in tomorrow it's it's all several lawsuits have already been five everything everything in America and particularly everything in California ends up being decided in court oh one one interesting thing one in four federal circuit court judges is now trump appointees so that's gonna help last him no matter what it whether he's elected or not eighty five is a state law though that will re classify many freelance workers as employees and it reportedly this could add twenty to thirty percent of the cost of certain business models like uber and lift you know employees would be protected by the minimum wage and overtime rules they would be eligible for workers comp and unemployment insurance the companies would have to pay half of their payroll taxes for Medicare and social security so uber and post mates have sued to say that they've been unfairly targeted that other industries have been exempted from this this will if they have to comply by this certainly the cost of writing in over a lift is going to go out and uber and lift drivers may no longer have control over their own schedules as the entire point of the gig economy is you can do it when you want and not when you don't want to on the other hand if you're not making any money at it and if they keep you know **** you over how much they keep in their commission well is that fair well then you don't have to do if you don't want to now this suit that to uber in post mates have filed is unlikely to stop the law from kicking in tomorrow a federal judge reportedly will decide whether to grant a preliminary injunction from blocking the law from being in force which could later turn into a permanent injunction or maybe not so here's here is how you qualify as someone who should not be considered a freelancer but as a full time employee or ask an employee three conditions one the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work both under the contract for the performance on the work and in fact so you're you're not controls okay so so your new bird drive you're not controlled by over we're really not your your you're your own person too and this is key the worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entities business so this is where they get you what is uber's business uber's businesses on demand ride sharing so if you are a driver you are critical to their main business but reportedly uber has been trying to argue it's not a ride sharing business it's a technology business in fact it's actual name is uber technologies not uber ride sharing I don't think that's gonna hold up and the third thing that qualifies you as a full time employee as opposed to a freelancer is quote the worker is customarily engaged in an independently established trade occupation or business of the same nature as the work performed so that's how I massage therapist and all these people try to word granted many of them were granted exemptions like if your renting a a chair in a hair salon I view were granted an exemption but they had to fight for that because you are doing the same business as the overall business but you are an independent contractor so there've been all kinds of exemptions granted Cooper says it's being unfairly targeted because it has not been granted an exemption which of course we have a law if uber doesn't have to abandon the whole point a lot and so there is this lawsuit that has been filed meantime uber lift post mates indoor dash have contributed a hundred million dollars to a California ballot initiative to overturn this because that's the other thing that happens in California we end up going to the polls ourselves decide what we want to do because Sacramento is so an apt this is all happening by the way as uber is not making money over lost a billion dollars last quarter in fact it warned when it went public in its I PO that it might never be profitable so adding twenty to thirty percent of the cost to it could this spell the end for uber possibly left I don't know somebody else will pop up because I don't know about you I if I don't know if the rent a car if I don't have to take a cab I mean uber and lift or one of the most disruptive positively disruptive forces in my life as someone who travels a lot in the last decade I mean you get and you get out you don't you know who's coming you see each other's picture there is a cut there's a live real time track of who you're with and where you are at least where your phone is you can now do a little nine one one help.

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